A Little Advice On The Movie ‘Room’

Nothing Omaha related today, just some spoiler free thoughts on “Room”

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Some solid ratings there, right? So I check out the preview, I’m a big fan of thrillers lets check this movie out. An hour forty five minutes into it and I had to tap out.

What the fuck was that!? I don’t want my emotions toyed with! I don’t want the heart strings pulled on. Complete bullshit. I thought I was getting some kind of Purge or Saw like escape movie. They completely drew me in and made me cry FOUR (4, FOUR!) times before I had enough. Thank god I wasn’t out on a date with a chick and watched it at home.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad movie. It’s great. Just not what I needed, not what my stomach(ugh is that my heart?) agrees with at the time. I don’t know if there is anytime I could possibly be in the frame of mind to go through what this movie put me through. I was ambushed, hoodwinked, bamboozled with this shit. I’m a man! I’m thirty(something)!

I had to give up at four cries because I just had enough. I knew only fourteen minutes remained but I couldn’t risk it. I had a couple happy tears and needed to just get out while I still could. I don’t know how the movie ends I’m half thinking the child was hit by a car or was revealed to have cancer.

I didn’t even realize the main character was a little boy until ten minutes in. That’s how good a job he did as a five year old with long hair. Thought it was a girl. This kid had far and away the best acting performance I saw in the last year and should win the Oscar or whatever bougie ass premiere movie award is out. But they’re going to give it to Leo for that piece of crap movie the Renevant where he just grunted his way through. Leo was 100 times better in Wolf of Wall Street. That little boy (Jacob Tremblay) was worlds better than Leo here and should be recognized for it. Even if I was too big of a pussy to finish the movie.



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