Bud Crawford Shoves The Life Out Of Hank Lundy At Press Conference

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Yeah, Lundy… Bro…


Haven’t ever seen Terence ever lose his cool like that and that push was straight up violent! Not some posturing, snake it til you make it trying to sell last minute tickets. Terence shoved his shit in with pure violent authority. As long as he keeps his cool and doesn’t come out too emotional leaving himself open it should be light work for Crawford on Saturday night. Say goodnight to Webster in the 6th with a Crawford KO.

Absolutely love the Creighton blue ‘fit as well. Awesome touch to the usual scarlet red wardrobe. Always representing for Nebraska.

BTW, love Terences’s family all rolling into Lundy’s work out to trash talk him. So Omaha, So Nebraska.



Omaha or Orange County depending what the weather is doing.

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