Fireworks Tips Brought To You By Mean Streets Omaha:

Fireworks Tips Brought To You By Mean Streets Omaha: 

  • If a firework fails to ignite there may be something wrong with it. To figure out the problem examine the firework up close and watch carefully while you try reigniting it.
  • Remember that fireworks can’t hurt you when you’re drunk. Nothing can.
  • The bigger the firework the higher it will fly and the less likely it is to hurt you!
  • If burned it is best to run around and show your friends.
  • In the event that the fuse comes out of the firework be sure to open it up, dump all the powder into a pile, and light as soon as possible.
  • If a neighbor shoots a firework and it lands on the roof of your house return a barrage of fire immediately.

Additional Tips By Back Of The Class:

If you have any additional tips send them to us and we will add them in!

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