KMTV Continues To Have The Best Website In The State

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I was thinking about grabbing the latest info on those Elephants who are on the way to Omaha. Maybe size them up and name them before anyone else had a chance to. See if anyone has any sweet pot hole complaints or there cool court room brawls today. So I naturally log into the KMTV Website. Naturally they are “Omaha’s News Leader” and give us “More Complete Coverage” so I start my days off with their website. They’re more committed to giving good news first than actually designing a decent looking website. That’s how you know KMTV is down in the gutter dealing with what’s most in important.

Well today, today I got more than I asked for. KMTV’s website hit me with more than I bargained for…

That’s it! That’s what matters! My mind is so fucked for looking to get any other news in the first place. This pops up and I had to check myself. I had literally no clue there was a movement going for Fetty Wap to perform at Nancy Regan’s. I’m supposed to be in tuned with the streets here, but it’s so appropriate. So 2016. Then a definition of ‘Trap Queen’ to go with it just in case I was 40 and didn’t already know what a ‘Trap Queen’ was.

So thank you KMTV for that information today. I can totally live with your 1998 website going forward if you keep your ears to the streets for me.

Take us away Fetty!


Omaha or Orange County depending what the weather is doing.

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