Lincoln Man Fires Gun Off To Impress Chick, Arrested

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LINCOLN, Neb.Police arrested a Lincoln man after he fired off a gun in an attempt to impress a woman, police said.

Jon A. Jette, 34, was arrested just before midnight Monday at Antelope Garden Apartments near Normal and Cotner boulevards.

Jette was taken to jail and charged with the discharging of a firearm in city limits, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Officials said Jette was firing the gun to get the attention of a woman who lived inside the apartment complex.

Damn Jonnie! Back at it again impressing chicks!

I gotta give it up to him for that move. And that chick better have given him some tang after bonding him out. Romeo in the flesh, her knight in shining armor discharging a gun in Lincoln’s exquisite Antelope Garden Apartments on a Monday night to impress her. I saw there was a chance of flooding last night, who knew it was from this chicks panties after Jon discharged his firearm to get her to answer her door.

Knocking at the door is for weirdo normal people. Hell if he would have knocked at the door she would have assumed he was a Jehovah or some Kirby Vacuum Salesmen, liable to never go outside again.

Going Cusak in ‘Say Anything’ that’s for soft guys, hopeless romantics. Not Jon Jette(awesome pro wrestling name).

I’m not man enough to fire a gun. They scare me, I’d 100% Cheddar Bob myself. But if I was I would definitely take a page out of Jon’s notebook and let my piece blast into the sky to impress chicks. It certainly couldn’t have a worse success rate than my current method of impressing women – showing them this blog or drinking so much I pass out standing up.


Omaha or Orange County depending what the weather is doing.

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