Now This Is How You Have Criminal Hair

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WOWT– Hitchcock County, Neb. (NSP News Release) Authorities say Christopher Carrillo violated the rules of the road when he passed a vehicle on Highway 6 in Hitchcock County. He violated the rules of the pot when he took possession of 240 pounds of it that officers found in his SUV.

Carrillo’s Wednesday unraveled with the passing problem.

The 32-year-old Phoenix man was eastbound on the highway in a Saturn Outlook around 6:30 p.m. when a State Trooper threw a flag on his driving technique and pulled him over just west of Culbertson for improper passing.

A Red Willow County Sheriff’s Department K-9 got in on the act and sniffed something funny in the air that ringed the Saturn. The dog’s nose led the authorities to 240.5 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle. It has been stashed in a pair of large duffel bags and stowed in the cargo area.

Now that folks, is how you have criminal hair

Length- 9.5
Color – 8
Recession – 10
Style – 10
Overall – 9.4

I mean that is how it’s done. That is how you deliver pot from Phoenix to the East Coast in a Saturn Outlook. The folks over at Booking should be brought up on charges for not allowing him to wear the Jose Canseco shades he was undoubtedly wearing while blaring Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits down Highway 6.


Also 32? Are you serious? I would have set the over/under at 45 and probably bet the over. The desert did some work on young Chris Carillo’s demeanor man. Thirty two and he’s seen and been through some shit.  Can you imagine the stories those prison walls will be able to tell?

Also – love WOWT saying that he “violated the rules of the pot” now that’s a handbook I’d love to get my hands on. First rule of the pot – don’t drive erratically through Hitchcock County in a Saturn Outlook with 240.5 pounds of pot. Duly noted.


Omaha or Orange County depending what the weather is doing.

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