Police/Fire Scanner Info

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Omaha Police and Fire / Rescue scanners can be followed on Broadcastify.com and various smartphone scanner apps.

@MeanStreetsOMA uses Broadcastify.com in addition to Uniden Bearcat BCD436HP/BCD536HP scanners with custom programming and ProScan software.

@MeanStreetsOMA does not provide, or have anything to do with the scanner feeds provided to Broadcastify.com. The Facebook Group Omaha Scanners has more information on the feeds provided to Broadcastify.com.

10-Codes and Lingo

Omaha Police Precincts and Fire Stations

OPD Scanner 101

  • You are listening to a mix of 5 different conversations at once (4 Omaha Precincts and Douglas County Sheriff) so it’s a mix of what’s going on all over.
  • Officers are assigned to districts and generally patrol that area, but usually have to go all over the city due to call volume.
  • Officers are either 10-8 (in service, available for calls) or 10-7 (out of service, not available for calls).
  • Dispatchers end their conversation with the time, in 24 hour hour format.
  • Officers end their conversation by saying “Clear” (instead of 10-4, over and out, etc).




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