You Will Never Guess Where Jon Taffer Said The Worst Bar In The Country Is…


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Here is the video, but it really isn’t necessary to watch unless you want to be aggravated by Hollywood Hipsters with worse jokes than me. The following two photos tell the entire story.


The number one bar expert in America just verifying what we all already knew. The worst place on in the world is by no coincidence located in the worst city in the country – Council Bluffs, Iowa aka Council Tucky AKA CouncilBama AKA CouncilVegas AKA ArkanBluffs…

Taffer better be careful if he comes back to CB though. He may get put through a window, you know the dude at O-Face is “military”

Can’t say any of this is all that shocking though –


Rest In Piss O-Bar.

If Taffer wants a true rags to riches story send me down there (with a $500,000 loan) and I’ll resurrect the O-Bar to make it his greatest save yet.


Omaha or Orange County depending what the weather is doing.

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