So many frequent questions. Here are some:

  1. Who are you? And how did you get in here?
    1. I’m a locksmith. And, I’m a locksmith.
  2. What does “Three/four lights on the tower” mean?
    1. Every night police radio towers are checked to make sure the aircraft safety lights are working, and reported to dispatch. There are multiple towers. Some have three lights and some have four lights.
  3. What are the codes like “E24, M24” in your tweets?
    1. These are the Omaha Fire Department units responding. For extensive details, visit the Omaha Fire Stations page. E=Engine, M=Medic, T=Truck, R=Rescue, B=Battalion Chief
  4. Are you a cop/reporter/producer/anarchist/employee of COPSTV?
    1. No, dumbass.
  5. Is this real? Are you making this up?
    1. How could anyone make this up? I’d be the greatest comedy writer ever, or the craziest person on earth (or both) if I could make this up.
  6. Who is Roy, and why do I see him on @MeanStreetsOMA?
    1. Roy drove his tractor-trailer truck into a low pedestrian bridge at 108th and Center on July 2nd, 2014. We like to poke fun at Roy for missing the low-clearance signs, but we really just like the cut of his jib.
  7. Why do you always tweet at midnight?
    1. Because midnight is where the day begins. It only happens once a day.
  8. Can you provide audio for [random medical call 3 weeks ago]?
    1. I get many requests to pull audio for police and medical calls. Honestly, it takes many hours of effort to put these together, and I can only do them for major or interesting events. Also, I don’t publish medical calls with specific patient details. Sorry!
  9. Why do you tweet “unplated traffic stops”?
    1. Because I think it is hilarious that people drive around at odd hours of the night/morning in vehicles with no license plates, practically inviting a police traffic stop. Still not a good time…
  10. Is @OPDABLE1 up? Where is ABLE1 right now? Why is ABLE1 above my house/neighborhood? Who is ABLE1 chasing? 
    1. @OPDABLE1 is near you looking for someone who did bad things.
  11. OMG! What is going on at [random location in Omaha]?
    1. If I didn’t tweet about it, it means I don’t know, or it isn’t a very big deal. I can’t keep track of everything 24/7, sorry!
    1. Answer here
  13. What does “The Line to Lincoln is down” mean?
    1. It means the connection for distpachters to look up background checks on people in Nebraska is not working.

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