MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 01-17-2016

  • Midnight! 00:00:06
  • RT @tannerkahler: From @OmahaPolice – police no longer responding to non-injury accidents. @KETV 00:04:52
  • RT @chachkevitch: Updated numbers for Saturday in #Chicago: 3 dead, 11 wounded in separate shootings… 00:06:43
  • RT @crystallarson: @MeanStreetsOMA donated today! 00:27:17
  • RT @Chicago_Scanner: Z11:
    Noise disturbance – the caller says the neighbors headboard is banging against the wall #Chicago #ChicagoScanner 02:36:14
  • RT @OPDOfcBettin: Single car PD accident at 65th & Military. Only 1 EB lane restriction. Light pole caught in tree. #OPD… 14:46:00
  • Happy child custody exchange disturbance Sunday everyone 15:37:19
  • RT @thefirstbrat12: Non pursuit of a Signal 5 vehicle passing thru NE, SE headed toward Bellevue #OPD @MeanStreetsOMA 17:35:15
  • RT @DPRK_News: US democratic party presidential debate pits socialist Bernard Sanders against poisonous fishwife Hillary Clinton. 18:33:57
  • Try to say "purple unplated Plymouth" 5 times in a row. #tonguetwister 18:38:29
  • RT @kellygus65: @MeanStreetsOMA my Sunday exchange worked out much better when my worse half went to prison. NO child exchanges there! 19:34:54
  • Caller's GF is throwing his stuff around and out of control 20:10:13
  • RT @DPRK_News: Hillary Clinton demands more and less expensive opiates for US masses already dulled into senseless submission by heroin and… 20:10:29
  • Caller's tenant, the BF, and the mom are all intoxicated and arguing 20:15:46
  • The grandmother of caller's foster child, white female in her 50's, is threatening to come over with her BF and harm him. 20:21:55
  • The daughter is on meth and trying to harm the brother 20:33:31
  • Natural Gas Odor: 135th and Industrial Rd. Passerby and police in the area can smell the odor of natural gas.
    OFD: B5, E60, T61 20:35:00
  • Oh no! A 26 y/o male a little bit too much to drink tonight. 20:39:02
  • RT @AtomicCyclist: @MeanStreetsOMA WTF who does shit like this? 20:42:49
  • Caller left his '98 Blazer running and a black male in dark #hoodie stole it, but it got stuck, now he's hitting a wall and several vehicles 20:48:36
  • RT @PDbitchwork: Nothing more attractive than a girl high on meth running around with scissors ???????????? 20:51:34
  • Reminder that it is much easier for someone to steal your vehicle if you leave it unlocked and running. #lifehack 20:52:31
  • RT @cheesypoof23: @MeanStreetsOMA She is just making paper snowflakes. Probably up to 300,000 by now. 20:53:39
  • RT @KingMichaelG: @MeanStreetsOMA We need a PSA or something to tell people to stop leaving their damn car running with the keys inside. 20:56:11
  • When you've had a little bit too much to drink on a Sunday night and catch an ambulance ride to the ER 20:59:15
  • RT @JustinKattNE: @MeanStreetsOMA Investigation Discovery running a show on Von Maur shooting Robbie Hawkins right now. 21:04:52
  • Caller hit a ladder in the roadway. The vehicle carrying the ladder came back to get the ladder and then left. 21:09:56
  • At least your brother isn't threatening you and pouring gas you on your truck. #SundayFunday 21:18:33
  • Caller says he has a broken arm and needs police.
    Cop: I know he's intoxicated, but see if he'll open the door for us this time. 21:25:03
  • 27 y/o male:
    -Very intoxicated
    -Calls police, won't answer door
    -Answers door, requests ambulance
    -Ambulance arrives, refuses treatment 21:41:23
  • RT @DPRK_News: US democratic debate ends as it began, in confusion, chicanery, and hollering. 21:57:54
  • Caller says his ex will not return the child 22:04:04
  • Male in his 30s-40s had 8 beers… when he drinks he has seizures, and he's had a couple of those 22:05:37
  • Maternity case at the Park Meadows Trailer Park in Irvington.. Mom is 36 weeks along and the baby is comin out right now 22:09:25
  • RT @kristypage71: @MeanStreetsOMA those were my babies!! If anyone saw this accident let me know. My boys said an eye witness left the seen 22:21:05
  • RT @omadahl: @MeanStreetsOMA Mazeltov! 22:26:58
  • Caller says children are screaming in the neighbor's apartment and can smell a strange odor, possible meth use by a female there. 22:31:53
  • Caller says this guy just came out of his house and lit a La-Z-Boy on fire in his front yard. 22:32:51
  • RT @allaseal: me if the broncos had lost. 22:35:03
  • RT @2dtrack: @MeanStreetsOMA Must have had #Steelers at +6 1/2. 22:39:24
  • RT @AGuyNamedJoey: When following @MeanStreetsOMA what is more fun child exchange Sunday? Or Nebraska just lost a football game? 22:39:28
  • Caller says the woman who lives above him is psycho, he may have had his music up for a little while but he turned it down 22:49:00
  • Caller says a dog is locked inside a white Dodge truck outside the cigar bar at 13110 Birch Drive 23:22:29
  • Possible House Fire: 4400 N 21st Street. Caller says there is a smoke inside the house.
    OFD: B1 B2, E21 E22 E5, T21, M5, R33 23:39:05


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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