MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 02-06-2016

  • Midnight! 00:00:02
  • White male with no shirt, possibly in handcuffs, standing outside of a van with flashers on. 00:07:11
  • RT @cwyscarver03: @MeanStreetsOMA since my gf fell asleep before me I get to to follow your twitter updates till I fall asleep common 2am l… 00:11:34
  • Disturbance: Walgreens, 3001 Dodge Street. 3 intoxicated females stole a teddy bear, left their friend behind who is causing a disturbance. 00:14:04
  • Apparently it's going around tonight. 00:18:28
  • RT @WhyWaitRQ: When the writers of Thelma & Louise and Ted meet in Omaha for some drinks 00:19:47
  • PI Collision: I-680 and Sprague. M42, E42 00:25:05
  • Injured Party at Methodist ER. M34, E52 00:30:57
  • Cutting: 4121 Ames Ave. Male stabbed in the back. M21, E21 00:47:59
  • Down Person: 26th and St. Mary's Ave. E1, M1 00:59:17
  • Something about someone down in a blue Crown Vic that may have been dancing in the street. 01:23:48
  • Down Person: 1023 Jones St. M3, T1 01:30:16
  • Reckless Driving: 3 snow plows driving recklessly at 180th and Dodge 01:30:57
  • 10 minutes until everyone at the bars will be drunk driving home. 01:50:29
  • Male found wandering around outside, says he has been doing shrooms, feels like he is going to die. 01:57:36
  • RT @kateykelley77: @MeanStreetsOMA Bad drunkards! ???????????? Take a ???? 02:01:36
  • FYI, lots of traffic stops happening in Omaha right now. 02:14:34
  • RT @joelschafer: @MeanStreetsOMA we have a non-pursuit of a gray Ford Fusion. @OPDABLE1 is tracking near 78/Maple. Car took off from office… 17:24:07
  • RT @joelschafer: @MeanStreetsOMA the Fusion is making a run for the Mormon Bridge on 680 17:24:10
  • RT @joelschafer: @MeanStreetsOMA they're Iowa's problem now. 17:25:30
  • RT @OPDABLE1: 2 parties in custody somewhere near Honey Creek and Loveland. Vehicle tried to turn around in a cornfield, snow luck! 18:00:14
  • RT @bdmtherfckr: @MeanStreetsOMA I think a car hit an ambulance at 72nd and cass. Or ma be not. Can't tell from here.… 19:41:36
  • RT @_AWorkman: Jimmy Johns car totaled at 72nd and Cass…I guess freaky fast is a little too fast… @MeanStreetsOMA 20:55:59
  • Suspicious Activity: 72nd and Maple, EB left turn lane. Minivan stalled, 2 black males jumped out and abandoned vehicle. 22:56:20
  • Suspicious Activity: 144th and Oakview Dr, just east. 10 teenagers walking in the middle of the street. 22:58:32
  • Noise Complaint: Anonymous caller says the occupants of Apt 43 have their TV too loud. 23:09:32
  • RT @IBeLionsBeats: Gunshots or fireworks? That's always the tough question to answer, cuz I heard like 30 of whatever it was just now @Mean23:14:12
  • RT @bipolardoglover: @MeanStreetsOMA that is suspicious I didn't think teens walked anywhere these days 23:25:45
  • 2 individuals stuck in elevator at Pine Tower between 5th and 6th floors. 23:33:22
  • Suspicious Activity: 72nd and Blondo. Black male with black hoodie is pushing a shopping cart in NB traffic lane on 72nd. 23:34:32
  • Injured party from a fall refused transport via med but wants to see police because tobacco store employees refused to replace his purchase. 23:38:27
  • 7 shots fired in the area of 25th and Himebaugh via @shotspotter 23:43:41
  • Noise Complaint: Music coming from apt 334 is too loud. 23:59:58


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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