MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 02-28-2016

  • Midnight! 00:00:08
  • RT @anon_callerOMA: Get off my lawn! 00:04:04
  • Disturbance: Marriott, 10220 Regency Cir. 12 intoxicated guests in the ballroom are arguing with the staff and refusing to leave. 00:07:09
  • Caller says 5 teenagers with baseball bats are breaking out car windows in the Walmart parking lot, 12850 L Street 00:12:31
  • RT @Mavpuck: Wow. I'm surprised he made it that far from Baxter Arena. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.… 00:13:59
  • RT @3boys4hawks: @MeanStreetsOMA that's not really an accepted way to prepare for tryouts. 00:19:20
  • Possible Apartment Fire: 501 N 51st Street. Caller says the fire is alarm going off in an apartment and can see smoke. 00:24:43
  • Possible House Fire: 17027 Seward Street 00:25:01
  • RT @Steadypowers: @MeanStreetsOMA just heard loud blast of Sirens scream past 50th and dodge . First warm night of season brews trouble 00:26:10
  • Rosie is calling 911, says a little white dog is running around her property barking, it's now in her back yard. 00:33:30
  • Overdose: Choo Choo Bar, 14240 U Street. Female in her 20s is extremely intoxicated, down on the patio.
    OFD: E65, M65 00:37:11
  • Shooting: Brick House Bar, 1329 Dorcas Street. Caller says a 30 y/o male was shot in his foot.
    OFD: E3, M3 00:40:49
  • Fight Disturbance: 24th and Sprague Street. Probably outside Fuzzy's 00:47:18
  • Sounds like the drunk drivers, driving all over the road, are hitting the streets. 00:54:39
  • RT @IFeelLikeTwit: @MeanStreetsOMA Sounds like they're hitting a lot more than the streets… 00:57:20
  • RT @ABC7Cheryl: Officers on motorcycles surrounded a black car, coming out of the hospital. PWC Ofc. Ashley Guindon, shot & killed https://… 01:00:21
  • RT @Matt_Yurus: Procession for officer #ashleyguindon outside iNOVA hospital. Her body is reportedly in the black van. @wusa9… 01:04:59
  • Very intoxicated 19-20 y/o female was at a house party, she slipped and fell down the stairs, is now unconscious. 01:10:16
  • Caller says a male is throwing beer bottles at the ground and arguing with his GF #domestic 01:15:04
  • RT @Chelsey727: @MeanStreetsOMA so the story I'm getting is a random girl came in, had one drink, then passed out on the smoke deck. 01:15:44
  • A male wearing a multi-colored shirt thew an apple at the Kum and Go clerk earlier, now he's back. 01:19:19
  • Sucks when you get hammered at a house party, fall down the steps and hit your head, then catch an ambulance ride to the CUMC ER. 01:25:58
  • Assault: Costa El Sol, 4454 S 84th Street. Uncooperative caller says a male assaulted another male with a bottle.
    OFD: E30, M61 01:31:38
  • Personal Injury Wreck: 31st/ L St. Vehicle drove into retaining wall & light pole, 23-24 y/o male staggering away carrying a 5-6 y/o child. 01:36:39
  • Felicia says her intoxicated ex BF is destroying property #domestic 01:49:06
  • Caller is having a disturbance with her brother's godson regarding destruction of property to a window. 01:54:27
  • Some runners from the police in the area of 121st/ Wirt Street, they are hiding in back yards. 01:55:48
  • Large crowd gathering in the area of My Place Lounge, 24th and Lake Street. Police requested to run through the area. 01:56:47
  • RT @joelschafer: Huge shooting star just now in SW sky 01:59:43
  • Anyone else just see a shooting star? 01:59:58
  • RT @kaylasea_: yes. me. I did. driving home from work. RT @MeanStreetsOMA: Anyone else just see a shooting star? 02:03:27
  • Laura sounds intoxicated, she's locked out of her apartment and doesn't know where her husband is. 02:10:21
  • 27 y/o male was skateboarding down a metal tube, fell and hit his head, was unconscious, and now his ear is mostly hanging off his head. 02:32:54
  • Personal Injury Wreck: 6117 Park Lane Drive. Vehicle drove into a house.
    OFD: E41, M41 02:50:32
  • House Fire: 4819 N 16th Street. Vacant house on fire.
    B2 B1, E22 E21 E5, T21, M21, R33 04:34:35
  • RT @OfcTMarkowsky: Female driving w/o headlights with multiple moving violations is now at jail for Felony DUI over 2X legal limit. @lavis04:49:46
  • Guys, breaking news –> 05:24:26
  • RT @_JaydenHiatt_: @MeanStreetsOMA dog on roof @ 116th & Ida,2 men are trying to get it off. Owners are not home @NEHumaneSociety https://t… 12:10:45
  • RT @crubez: If we made it on @MeanStreetsOMA you know the party was lit!!!!!! 13:21:49
  • Several Police units enroute to 59th and Grover. Multiple medic units transporting patients. We are working on gathering more information. 15:05:49
  • Shooting: 102 W Meigs St.
    Self-inflicted GSW with a .22 pistol.
    Waterloo and Valley Dual Response. 17:23:32
  • Landing zone is secure. LifeNet is enroute. 17:31:54
  • LifeNet is airborne from Fremont enroute to Valley Helipad. 2 hours fuel; high risk flight. 17:36:43
  • RT @FireRescueOmaha: @MeanStreetsOMA life net is coming from Fremont, should be arriving soon. 17:36:49
  • LifeNet is enroute to CUMC with an adult female 6 minutes out. 18:18:36
  • LifeNet has landed at CUMC with a 50 year old female with a self-inflicted GSW. Patient is awake and alert. 18:28:39
  • Shots fired: 40 & Ames St. @shotspotter indicates 1 round fired. 18:36:49
  • She threw a plate at him, caller thinks she might be under the influence of drugs #domestic 19:00:00
  • RT @joelschafer: So again in SW precinct today, near 10 min for OPD to respond to a priority 1 call (assault w/ hammer to head). That's bad… 19:02:33
  • Hope everyone is having a pleasant child custody exchange disturbance Sunday 20:24:05
  • Is there any way someone could tweet an update about what's going on at the #Oscars? 20:38:38
  • Caller's 10 y/o son is out of control and acting crazy. 20:39:31
  • RT @Debcamp76773547: @MeanStreetsOMA boring. That's why I am on Twitter! 20:44:03
  • Caller is having a disturbance with her 12 y/o son who is out of control, trying to run off, and has torn his clothes off. 20:48:10
  • Caller to 911 is reporting the smell of marijuana coming from apartment 2. 21:07:19
  • RT @OPDOfcDigilio: Already a line forming outside Sokol Auditorium for tomorrow nights Hoodie Allen concert. Who is Hoodie Allen?
  • Caller says his granddaughter is trying to fight everybody in the house. 21:27:22
  • Caller says her roommate is disrespecting her, has a gun in his room, has warrants, and is refusing to leave. 21:39:26
  • Disturbance: McDoand's, 3606 S 84th. Manager says a 40s y/o white male is taking pictures of teenage girls in the lobby & touching himself. 22:06:06
  • Personal Injury Wreck: 120th/ L Street. White sedan vs dark Oldsmobile in the intersection
    OFD: E61, M61 22:07:38
  • RT @RevTomDotCom: @MeanStreetsOMA hearing that makes me grimace 22:18:28
  • Assault in Progress: Walmart, 369 N Saddle Creek Rd. White male hitting a woman, last seen southbound. Cops requesting a DV camera. 22:20:35
  • Who steals a grey '94 Honda Civic with no plates and missing a passenger door handle? #DeepThoughts 22:34:13
  • RT @cashtronovaa: @MeanStreetsOMA someone that has some plates and has a spare door for a 94 Honda Civic? 22:38:59
  • RT @OPDOfcMiller: Found a stop. Headlight out, taillight broken, no plates, very loud exhaust. Basically screaming "pull me over!" https://… 22:52:27
  • RT @TheOnion: Leonardo DiCaprio Morphs Back Into Hairy, Overweight Iowan After Finally Receiving Oscar… 22:58:00
  • Anonymous Caller to 911 can smell marijuana coming from a house, is threatening to call 911 every hour if police don't do anything about it. 23:05:41
  • RT @thefirstbrat12: Why wait for every hour? 911 is open all night every night! Busy body just go to bed 23:11:22
  • Chicken Coop Fire: 5618 Hickory Street. 5ft X 5ft chicken coop is on fire, has spread to a tree.
    OFD: B3, E34, T34 23:12:39
  • RT @featherchick: Imma let you finish, #Oscars, but the REAL action is in #OMA! 23:15:00
  • RT @erinsorensen: Y'all are the nicest. Thank you. 23:16:15
  • Apparently there are multiple chicken coops in Midtown Omaha, because this is the second chicken coop fire for Engine 34 this year. 23:17:47
  • Caller says her neighbors are intoxicated, belligerent, being loud, and causing a disturbance. #SundayFunday 23:21:30
  • RT @Rissa_1221: @MeanStreetsOMA they're just happy that Leo finally won his Oscar 23:26:31
  • RT @danlinc: @MeanStreetsOMA I have one and I live in only a few blocks away 23:27:36
  • RT @Nate_devlin: @MeanStreetsOMA maybe on the weed smoking neighbor call it's actually the chickens smoking the weed, passing out n torchin… 23:38:29
  • Guys, initial reports from the chicken coop fire are that the chickens are going to make it. 23:46:42
  • RT @bobbyemt: Chicken coup fire 56&Hickory, two chickens are ok. 23:49:17
  • RT @bobbyemt: Choice coup fire 56&Hickory. Fire under control, 2 birds in coup, both are ok! 23:49:22
  • RT @AmandaRex: @MeanStreetsOMA 23:52:54
  • Disturbance: Bucky's, 2901 N 72nd Street. Employee says a female customer stole merch, is now trying to fight the staff. 23:56:48


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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