MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 03-26-2016

  • Caller says people in the neighbor's basement are playing music and singing too loud. ???? 00:00:32
  • Four lights on the tower 00:03:45
  • Caller to 911 is feeling things in her bed, says her purse moved from one end to the other, is rambling about her son being out of jail. 00:06:59
  • Fifth #DUI… stop it people. 00:13:31
  • Down Person: Taco Bell, 7051 Dodge Street. Intoxicated driver of a silver/white older model Caddy is passed out in the drive thru.
    E53/M34 00:15:28
  • Caller is having a disturbance with a male in his driveway who is trying to repo his vehicle. 00:20:53
  • Hotel staff says a male who has been living in the parking lot for three days is threatening to go wild if they don't bring him some food. 00:25:13
  • Anonymous Caller says five people are smoking meth, arguing, and playing dice in the hallway. #HappySaturday 00:30:04
  • Sounds like some Old Market bars are letting out a little soon 00:32:36
  • Assault: Lynx Lounge, 1604 NW Radial Hwy. Caller says a male was assaulted with a bottle. 00:34:42
  • RT @OfcJLeifeld: Traffic stop by @SgtBHanson led to arrest of driver for 5th Off. DUI & felony DUS (revoked for prior DUI) #weekendinjail 00:35:16
  • RT @OfcJLeifeld: @SgtBHanson and truck impounded for 10 days 00:35:22
  • RT @mariahkoeneke: @MeanStreetsOMA 3 cops in the parking lot now & drive thru is back in service #blessed 00:38:44
  • Some unlucky driver at 52nd/ Ames Ave is about to get tested for #DUI. 00:41:13
  • RT @tourdefranz: Last call! 20 minutes to sober up and blast through red lights at 40th and Farnam doing 50mph! @MeanStreetsOMA 00:41:21
  • 15 minutes until bar close, finish your whisky and/or beer then get home safe! Lots of #DUI arrests tonight, more to come. 00:45:06
  • Caller says her husband has been drinking and she would like him to leave. #domestic 00:52:55
  • .@OPDABLE1 and police searching the area of 168th/ W Dodge Rd, unknown reason. 00:55:41
  • Crowd disturbance in Old Market near Pepperjax, 12th/ Howard Street. Medics requested for a victim bleeding from the mouth. 01:00:08
  • Group of gang members making their way between west Omaha gas station convenience stores. Police checking several locations now. 01:02:55
  • Assault: 11th/ Jones Street. Caller says a male pulled a gun on his cousin. 01:05:06
  • Old Market intoxicated bar close drama continues. Hopefully everyone will be driving home safely soon. 01:12:05
  • Injury Accident: 60th/ L Street. Pedestrian struck by a vehicle.
    OFD: E30, M31 01:15:16
  • Down Person: McDonald's, 2340 N 72nd Street. Driver is slumped over the wheel of a Honda Civic.
    OFD: E41, M41 01:20:20
  • RT @OPDLtRamos: #opd is on call at 60/L where female was found in roadway, injured 01:25:34
  • Omaha Police traffic accident investigators and traffic #DUI officers are very busy tonight oh wait that's every night 01:35:39
  • RT @UlyssesOfOmaha: @MeanStreetsOMA those human guidance systems for their 4000 lb. road cruise missiles need some jail time to think #dont01:50:31
  • RT @Chicago_Scanner: The Papa John's driver had his '95 Toyota taken along w/ $$ & 2 ???????? #Chicago #ChicagoScanner 01:50:39
  • RT @elizabethmomber: @MeanStreetsOMA happy Friday night/early Saturday morning #Omaha lol 02:00:32
  • RT @MattSerweKETV: WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE ON I-80 HAVE THEIR LIGHTS OFF?! Rain = wipers = lights!!! 11:21:45
  • Possible House Fire: 5811 N Oaks Blvd.
    Caller reports hearing a loud explosion and seeing white smoke from a nearby house. 13:37:27
  • RT @stefczech: @MeanStreetsOMA Radar on 120th just outside of entrance to Burke. 17:27:16
  • Check Well-being: Kwik Shop, 3222 Q Street. Caller says his name is King Bush and is rambling on and on, not making a lot of sense. 20:35:56
  • RT @OPDOfcBossman: WARNING: I'll be on I-80 in the morning doing speed enforcement. Don't let me see any more of this…… 20:42:46
  • Caller says his 22 y/o son is intoxicated and acting a fool. 20:55:08
  • RT @MOBBINVanPersie: He's either on a substance or is any rapper after 2012 20:55:20
  • Injury Accident: 76th/ Dodge Street. Two vehicles involved.
    OFD: E53, M52 20:57:52
  • RT @gimmesomedap: Use my Uber promo code, sarad3, and get $15 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at Be safe tonigh… 20:59:51
  • Caller to 911 says her 13 and 16 y/o daughters were at a house with narcotics and wants them drug tested. 21:06:17
  • RT @GrandmaWick: @MeanStreetsOMA another classy night at Megasaver…cashier threatened guy and girl who decided to take up residence in th… 21:11:25
  • Caller to 911 says she needs to go to the hospital to get a shot of sleeping meds. 21:18:41
  • RT @mmcelligott23: @MeanStreetsOMA Could they swing by and pick me up too? I could use some sleep as well. 21:22:48
  • RT @OPDOfcBossman: Nowhere in Douglas county is the speed limit 70. So yes on 72 being pulled over. 21:24:28
  • Disturbance: Carol Hotel, 4888 S 118th St. Caller will direct police to the wedding party, groomsman is intoxicated and needs to be removed. 21:36:47
  • RT @venom400corbon: @MeanStreetsOMA cut the dude some slack. He just witnessed his friend condemned to bitter bondage 21:42:23
  • RT @joelschafer: If your wedding reception is at the Carol Hotel I give the marriage 6 months. Tops. 21:44:11
  • RT @XTinaOlcott: @MeanStreetsOMA if this is possible I'd be calling nightly 21:45:04
  • Anonymous Caller to 911 is complaining about the level of music coming from Brothers Lounge, 38th/ Farnam Street 21:50:33
  • RT @randazalman: Is it poor form for the officers to grab a piece of cake on the way out? Sustenance is important. #etiquette… 21:51:41
  • RT @OPDOfcMiller: New baker partner for Ofc. Davidson due to a manpower shortage. Speedy's first day on duty. 21:55:12
  • Male caller is yelling at 911, not answering questions, wants police, says he's gonna call the FBI. Police have been there 3 times tonight. 21:57:33
  • Caller says an 18 y/o male overdosed on mushrooms. He is conscious, awake, and breathing OK, but having a tough time walking. 22:13:42
  • RT @venom400corbon: @MeanStreetsOMA that's nothing. Did you see the freaking dragons in the kitchen! 22:16:42
  • RT @kerEyew00d: @MeanStreetsOMA Tell him to get on the unicorn parked out front, then he doesn't have to walk 22:18:20
  • Disturbance; Baright Shelter, 1111 N 17th. Manager says a highly intoxicated male is refusing to leave, out of control, armed with a knife. 22:21:13
  • Assault in Progress: 50th/ NW Radial Hwy. Caller says four black males are beating up a black female.
    OFD: E24, M24 22:37:13
  • Down Person, Kum and Go, 1819 N 72nd Street. Person down in a Buick in the parking lot.
    OFD: E53, M42 22:55:55
  • Midnight! 23:00:04
  • Caller to 911 says he's trying to get property from his intoxicated mother who has locked him out. 23:14:57
  • RT @MontezOnKiss: @MeanStreetsOMA when dollar dance money becomes bail money…on the next maury povich. 23:19:39
  • Caller says there is loud banging, bumping, and stomping coming from the upstairs apartment. 23:21:17
  • Caller to 911 says her child's father was insulting her earlier tonight. #domestic 23:23:32
  • Crowd Disturbance: 6115 Oak Street. Several callers say there is a large party with 50 people and minors drinking. 23:35:47
  • Caller is having a disturbance with her missing 16 y/o grandson who has returned and she says can't stay there. 23:37:29
  • Bluffs at Cherry Hills checking in with the smell of marijuana, loud music, urinating outside, and large dogs… per Anonymous Caller. 23:45:01
  • RT @LawrenceKS_PD: Sorry, we can't investigate Villanova ripping your heart out of your chest, the crime occurred outside our jurisdiction.… 23:46:13
  • RT @ARSpaulding: @MeanStreetsOMA Fuck that Anonymous Caller! Rock on, Brothers! 23:48:26
  • RT @birkelstein: @MeanStreetsOMA really? Who the hell would call on a bar with live music at 11 something on a Saturday? 23:50:13
  • RT @accordionwench: @MeanStreetsOMA Hey! This was me! My band made this happen. Or the band after us. Whatever. We're so punk. 23:56:49


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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