MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 04-16-2016

  • Omaha is quite flighty and shooty this morning. 00:03:48
  • Numerous OPD officers patrolling the Old Market and quelling disturbances. Lots of traffic stops. 00:07:07
  • RT @ronicarae_: @MeanStreetsOMA helicopter over my neighborhood off 132nd and center and cops driving through with brights, any clue what's… 00:07:22
  • RT @louie_brezina: @MeanStreetsOMA nothing yet about the gunfire outside my house? 70th & lake ish 00:07:26
  • RT @HeyHeyitsSaraK: @MeanStreetsOMA what's going on 126 and Augusta? There's a multiple cop cars with their flood lights on 00:07:33
  • RT @i_am_schaft: So @MeanStreetsOMA, any idea about the raid/arrests that happened around Military and Spencer tonight? Police were watchin… 00:07:46
  • RT @kelnel44: @MeanStreetsOMA I may have accidentally creeped Alexander Payne out with my loud flash #Omaha #niteowl 00:12:13
  • Caller heard a gunshot and thinks her neighbor may have shot an animal. #WestOmahaProblems 00:17:59
  • Stolen Vehicle: Ivory color 2012 Chevy Tahoe with 21" rims and Nebraska personalized plate BUMPA. @OPDABLE1 en route. 00:19:49
  • Vehicle Pursuit: 122nd/ Hascall Street. Stolen Tahoe BUMPA 00:29:19
  • Foot Pursuit: 3405 S 126th Street. Driver of stolen ivory colored Tahoe is running in the area. Two suspects at large. 00:32:25
  • Dude was taking his lady to Arby's in a stolen Tahoe (plate BUMPA with 21" rims) then abandoned his lady to the K9 dog. #RelationshipGoals 00:40:14
  • Less than 15 minutes until bar close, the Old Market is still hangin in there. 00:46:55
  • Police perimeter set up in the area of 126th/ Agusta Ave, Seldin Drive. Police K9 and @OPDABLE1 searching for driver of a stolen Tahoe. 00:49:04
  • RT @mailmaam68: @MeanStreetsOMA @OPDABLE1 literally in my backyard…. At least the heli is drowning out the snorer in my house.. 00:52:27
  • Fight Disturbance: Parliament Pub, 1212 Harney Street. Large fight disturbance. 00:57:51
  • Injury Accident: Florence Blvd/ Ames Ave. Blazer flipped over.
    OFD: E21. M21 01:02:56
  • Large disturbance continuing in the Old Market. OPD Officers working to clear the crowd out. 01:03:40
  • Two suspects are in custody after a stolen vehicle / foot pursuit at 12515 Lamont Street, in the area of 120th and W Center Road 01:05:01
  • It is starting to get busy in #Omaha 01:06:25
  • Injury Accident: Florence Blvd/ Ames Ave. 3 victims pin in accident
    B2, E21, M21, M5. T21 01:09:07
  • RT @OPDABLE1: 2 in custody from stolen ivory Tahoe. 01:09:27
  • RT @joelschafer: #BUMPA 01:10:25
  • Four patients at rollover injury wreck at Florence Blvd/ Ames Ave. Incident command requesting 3rd medic. OFD M41 en route. 01:13:58
  • Patients sill being extricated from rollover minivan injury accident at Florence Blvd/ Ames Avenue. Four OFD Medics requested to the scene. 01:22:45
  • RT @ABC: UPDATE: Maryland firefighter fatally shot identified as John Ulmschneider, 37, a father of a 2-year-old daughter… 01:23:42
  • RT @fccgage13: @MeanStreetsOMA Incident command requesting 4th medic. m24 en route 01:25:29
  • If you need and ambulance on the north side of Omaha, prepare to wait. 01:26:28
  • Possible House Fire: 41st/ Hamilton Street. Person possibly trapped. 01:29:30
  • 15 minutes into Working Fire at 41/ Hamilton Street. Defensive firefighting operations, house fully involved on fire. 01:48:58
  • There was also a code 4 injury accident at 104th and Spaulding St. Patient was not transported from the scene.
    -Tom units are enroute. 01:49:20
  • 20 minutes into working fire at 41st/ Hamilton Street. Fire is through the roof. 01:54:12
  • RT @ronicarae_: @MeanStreetsOMA the rooooof the rooooof, the roof is on fiaaaah 01:54:43
  • RT @SayIts_So: @MeanStreetsOMA
    Incredible tweeting tonight. Thank you for what you do. #MuchRespect #impressive #community-awareness #Omah01:58:04
  • RT @fccgage13: @MeanStreetsOMA fc13 and fc14 o/s 01:58:36
  • Working Fire: 41st/ Hamilton St. Defensive firefighting operations. OFD conducing a firefighter PAR and defensive/aerial operations only. 02:04:16
  • RT @OPDSgtMenning: Called in for fatal crash and another serious crash. 02:08:41
  • She took a whole bottle of Lorazepam and she's a little violent. 02:11:20
  • 40 minutes into working fire at 41st/ Hamilton Street. Multiple OFD crews on location, building collapse. 02:12:59
  • Anyone in Omaha media covering the news this morning? 02:18:22
  • 50 minutes into working fire at 41st/ Hamilton Street. Fire is still going inside the eves and attic. Red Cross has a 10 minute ETA. 02:23:26
  • There are currently no female beds available at detox.
    Detox can only accept cooperative males.
    #RelationshipGoals 02:26:26
  • Crowd Disturbance: Target, 7400 Dodge Street. Caller says 50 teens in 25 cars are fighting in the parking lot. 02:28:44
  • RT @Devon402: @MeanStreetsOMA Lmaooo that's the party bus 02:31:40
  • 60 minutes into Working Fire at 41st/ Hamilton Street. Structure fire continues. Incident command releasing Rescue 33 and Battalion 2. 02:34:08
  • Theft: Walmart, 1606 S 72nd Street. Staff says a black male stole pizza and fled in a maroon sedan southbound. 02:38:34
  • Medics requested back to the fire scene at 4153 Hamilton Ave, lower level laundry room. A victim has been located. OFD: M24 02:46:44
  • RT @OmahaPolice: Condolences to Prince George County Fire & Police for your recent tragedies. #SupportRed #SupportBlue #opd… 11:42:46
  • RT @OmahaPolice: Do the right thing! Cal 402-444-5627 or @OPDCrimeStop and earn money! #OPD via @OPDOfcDTurnbull 11:43:24
  • RT @liviesprague: @MeanStreetsOMA political protest on 72nd and Dodge!! 12:53:51
  • RT @eaglegrrrl: @MeanStreetsOMA weinermobile spotted at 180th and dodge. I got so excited my daughter almost crashed the car. 16:21:48
  • RT @jwhall: The regular occurrence of cars in the ditch after playing bumper cars on Harrison and 150th @MeanStreetsOMA… 16:21:55
  • RT @AllySue03: @MeanStreetsOMA when you don't know if a guy is dead or just taking a nap on the grass off of 42nd and Dodge. #casualdayatwo16:22:13
  • RT @OPDOfcAlcantara: @MeanStreetsOMA #OPD
    Weiner Mobile sighting! Out by Oakview Mall. 16:22:48
  • RT @OPDOfcMiller: Speed enforcement on 13th St today. Slow down, I'm watching. 16:38:10
  • RT @IFeelLikeTwit: More #BadOmahaParking 16:40:54
  • Officers searching for a red 1997 F150 possible plate DIL540 that fled from a Pottawattamie County traffic stop. 19:03:57
  • RT @Geddysburg: @MeanStreetsOMA. Uh oh…wrong way driver at 114th & Dodge. She turned left at the rt turn only light further east. https:/… 19:07:01
  • Injured party: CenturyLink Center 455 N 10th St. Bull Rider got bucked off a bull and was unconscious.
    OFD: E1, M1 19:39:11
  • Please stay as far away as possible… 19:40:54
  • Burglary in Progress: area of 140th and Manderson Plaza. 20:44:35
  • An intoxicated and uncooperative male is causing trouble in the UNMC ER, he needs a lift to detox. 21:30:06
  • Caller to 911 is having a disturbance with her husband who is having a breakdown. #RelationshipGoals 21:35:23
  • Shooting: 24th/ Franklin Street. Victim not giving any information about a suspect.
    OFD: E5, M5 21:53:53
  • Shooting: 24th/ Franklin Street. Two victims down, two medics requested.
    Large group of potential witnesses in the area. 22:00:30
  • RT @CFroThePoPo: Double shooting. 24th & Franklin… 22:06:47
  • Shooting: 24th/ Franklin Street. Two adult male victims transported to CUMC critical, @OPDABLE1 searching the area for suspect/evidence. 22:13:51
  • Disturbance: Taco Bell, 7413 N 30th Street. Caller says her mom is throwing beer at people and vehicles and is getting more violent. 22:19:43
  • Caller to 911 is reporting loud karaoke music coming from a home nearby on south 42nd Street. 22:28:01
  • Disturbance: 35th/ Cass Street. Caller says there is a large party and lots of intoxicated people up and down the street yelling. 22:30:11
  • Very intoxicated caller to 911 is saying something about falling into a fire and it happened a long time ago & he doesn't know where it was. 22:38:40
  • Assault in Progress: 29th/ T Street. Two males were fist fighting, now one guy is strangling the other guy. 22:44:50
  • Caller says black male, 20s, no shirt, camo pants, is throwing things at his GF and they are arguing. 22:49:44
  • Fight Disturbance: 13th/ Jackson Street. 22:52:03
  • RT @C0LINshea: @MeanStreetsOMA arrest going on at 13th and Jackson 22:52:14
  • RT @thefirstbrat12: I was just thinking that AND it's going to be a looooooong summer! 22:56:09
  • Caller says a black female, 40s, punched her daughter in face and the female's son is armed with a gun. 22:58:40
  • Midnight! 23:00:03
  • Fight Disturbance: Joby C's, 2514 Leavenworth Street. Caller says a gang fight is going on, 8 black males are fighting outside. 23:01:48
  • Caller says 5-6 Hispanic male juveniles are outside drinking, being loud, obnoxious, and threatening. 23:05:46
  • Caller to 911 says someone is watching her and knows everything she does. 23:07:54
  • RT @AsianJoeEvans: A lot of Nebraska Nice going on out there tonight on them streets. 23:08:28
  • RT @OPDOfcAlcantara: @MeanStreetsOMA
    Bull 1 vs Cowboy 0 23:08:38
  • Injury Accident: 99th/ Harrison Street. Drunk driver with a 6 y/o passenger drove into a parked pickup truck, both might be injured. 23:13:12
  • Disturbance: 44th & Hillsdale Ave. Originally hit & run report, driver of run vehicle returned. Arguing with caller & getting ready to fight 23:32:29
  • Exposing: 35th & Cass St. 15-20 people having a party, drinking, smoking marijuana and urinating on the lawn. 23:36:48
  • Suspicious Activity: 34th Ave & Ohio St. Truck is driving circles in the parking lot turning it's lights on and off. 23:40:18
  • Attempted Robbery: 10th & Douglas St. Caller states a male attempted to take his bicycle. 23:45:12


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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