MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 04-29-2016

  • It's a nice morning to refuse to get out of your friends car 10:17:14
  • RT @coffeeandtulips: @MeanStreetsOMA traffic lights out at 24th on Creighton campus 10:17:33
  • RT @JoeChiodo: Even in KC @MeanStreetsOMA appears in my show. Thanks for the vid, and glad everyone's safe after the tornadoes! https://t.c… 10:17:39
  • Injury Accident: 132nd and L St. injury accident involving two vehicles 10:29:44
  • "Dancing around a bit…waving his arms…he's a little excited" #OverheardOMA 10:36:15
  • Check Well-Being on Felicia… 10:50:15
  • RT @dieseldog97: @MeanStreetsOMA please tell me when the officials go home, they say "Bye, Felicia" 10:55:02
  • Theft: 78th/Dodge, red and white Bobcat Skidloader has been missing since last weekend 10:57:12
  • Down Person: 72nd/Pacific, SE corner in front of Orange Leaf OFD: E52, M52 11:06:02
  • Insert daily shoplifting tweet from Wal-Mart here… 11:21:47
  • RT @thedustywhite: @MeanStreetsOMA Berkshire weekend = a good day to be a clean shaving panhandler outside of Nebraska Furniture Mart 11:25:26
  • Assault: 101 N 30th/BP Gas Station, male assaulted employee, swinging belt trying to hit others with it 11:45:39
  • Something about a lady who thinks her ex BF has bombs planted in the apartment that he can detonate at any time #AAdam 11:50:20
  • Pinned Party: 72nd and Crown Point Ave., SB lanes, 2 vehicle injury accident 12:00:24
  • "Immanuel is on diversion accepting no patients until further notice " 12:09:42
  • Free: I-680/Pacific, NB, free box in the traffic lane 12:20:32
  • RT @fyrtamer: @MeanStreetsOMA Get a grip, people! If you see the lights and the truck, MOVE OVER and SLOW DOWN!! The rescuers appreciate… 13:16:31
  • RT @__squints__: It's Berkshire weekend. That means even more people turning left on Dodge, and cones going up in front of Warren's house.… 13:26:00
  • Disturbance: DJ Sokol Arena. Reports of around 100 teenage girls creating a noise disturbance. Numerous others visibly angry.
    #fieldday2016 13:39:44
  • RT @SaysBen: @MeanStreetsOMA There's a camper w/ pick-up in tow just sitting in the middle of the road with no one in it at 24th & L. WTF 14:16:13
  • Injury Accident: 61st and Underwood Ave. Car vs Bicyclist
    OFD: M34, E53 14:43:06
  • Fuel Spill: 46th and Madison St. Car leaking fuel in the street.
    OFD: E33, R33 15:03:06
  • RT @chodyskeetin: @MeanStreetsOMA Hit and Run 1-680 & pacific. Gray Jeep Wrangler hit my car. Any witnesses please DM… 16:15:05
  • RT @DonWOWT: About 44 of these cats were taken from a home here near S 151st Ave and Jefferson. @WOWT6News 16:17:25
  • Caller says his neighbors are trying to choke him out with noise. The sound is coming down the walls and burning his trachea. 16:28:20
  • Natural Gas Leak: 4706 N 36th Ave. Gas smell in the house. 16:29:33
  • RT @dreamsunwind0: @MeanStreetsOMA 16:38:21
  • RT @Cottey87: @MeanStreetsOMA Nearly took out SUV on Farnam going wrong way looking for Warren Buffet. He's not in his yard, folks. 16:39:05
  • Cutting: 3347 Ames Ave. Female cut males neck with glass.
    OFD: E24, M21 16:43:57
  • Caller says there have been children bouncing on the floor above him all day and they were doing the same thing until 11 PM last night 17:01:55
  • Caller to 911 is having a disturbance with his 18-year-old daughter who is on drugs. 17:05:39
  • RT @brad_dickson: An Omaha deputy pulled over a car carrying 221 lbs of marijuana. You need that much to cope with Omaha road construction. 17:06:13
  • Armed Person: 78th/ Dodge St. Caller says occupant of a burgundy Subaru pointed a gun at them, last seen southbound. 17:23:21
  • RT @realTbeau: Lost dog found us in Ralston anyone knows whose it is? @MeanStreetsOMA 18:06:45
  • Shooting: 16th and Sherwood Ave.
    Caller heard someone screaming that someone was shot.
    OFD: E5, M5 20:10:14
  • Injury Accident: 72nd and Bennington Rd. 2 cars involved. 1 car 1/4 mile West of 72nd.
    Irvington Rescue Call. Ponca Hills Dual Response. 20:29:23
  • Shots Fired: 33rd and Decatur St. Caller heard several shots to the North and South. 20:57:11
  • RT @OmahaYeti: @MeanStreetsOMA robbery that occurred earlier tonight was my store. No injuries, both suspects were caught 21:46:35
  • RT @RealOmahaCougar: No, I am not the Wahoo mountain lion! 21:49:17

  • RT @OPDOfcMiller: Stolen car. What gives it away? Probably the lack of tires attached to wheels. 22:02:23
  • Injury Accident: 25th and Q St. 2 car accident. Parties possibly pinned.
    OFD: B3, M31, E31, T31, R33, S1 22:16:13
  • Intoxicated 23 y/o male driver at 24th/ Q Street injury accident transported to UNMC in serious condition, was wearing seat belt. 22:39:41
  • Some juveniles in a dark colored car egging houses and TPing near 88th/ Sprague Circle 22:42:00
  • RT @allisonbrechase: @MeanStreetsOMA sound of fireworks(?) coming from south of 144th and Harrison, but no sight of them. Any info?? 22:49:42
  • RT @RaisinBrand94: @MeanStreetsOMA I'm hearing loud bangs in west Omaha sound like gun shots 22:49:48
  • MIP: UNO Scott Village, Building A. Security has detained 3 minors in possession. 22:54:32
  • Midnight! 23:00:12
  • Something about an intoxicated female refusing to leave Fraternal Order of Eagles 23:02:08
  • Caller says an intoxicated male, 30s, is having a disturbance his GF. The male is armed with nunchucks. #domestic 23:06:59
  • Possible House Fire: 30th/ Fort Street. Caller says abandoned house has an attached garage on fire.
    OFD: B2 B1, E21 E22 E5, T21, M21, R33 23:08:49
  • RT @JoeInBugaha: Is his name Michaelangelo? 23:11:55
  • RT @OPDOfcMiller: Injury accident 24/Q St. Thankfully no serious injuries. Shoes still pinned in car. @OPDLtRamos assisting… 23:18:59
  • Something about a white 1990s creeper van parked at a vacant hotel lot possibly involved in an Amber Alert from Iowa 23:22:46
  • RT @totalsarnage: @MeanStreetsOMA Drunken nunchucks cannot end well. Also a kickass band name. 23:24:55
  • Disturbance; QT, 8727 Maple St. Caller says a white male with a beard who is on crack is asking the staff/customers if they have marijuana. 23:28:35
  • RT @NxtYearEagles: @MeanStreetsOMA There is a brand new Amber Alert from IA 23:30:31
  • Loud Awesome Party: 2033 N 20th Street. Caller says the music is too loud from an abandoned house that is used for parties. 23:34:19
  • Vacant house continues to burn at 2877 Fort Street. Fire still showing into the attic. 30 minutes into working fire. 23:47:38
  • RT @Chelsey727: Dude not a clue what I just heard but it sounded like gunshots…hmm 23:53:21
  • RT @RealOmahaCougar: Cat Abuse! 23:57:28


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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