MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 05-14-2016

  • Police requesting medics for a pregnant female having a seizure at Chi-Town Chicken, 2229 Lake Street. 00:09:50
  • Anonymous Caller to 911 at 11th and Jackson Street is complaining about loud music. #OldMarket 00:16:48
  • Youths banging on the window of a call center #Omaha 00:23:01
  • Female caller to 911 wants her BF to leave. She won't give any further info to 911, hung up. #RelationshipGoals 00:25:00
  • Black female and black male arguing about keys at Bucky's, 5718 NW Radial 00:30:18
  • Suspects from armed robbery at 49th/ Burt Street possibly same suspects from shooting at 620 N 41 Street. 00:36:29
  • 15 minutes until bar close time in #Omaha. Let's try to keep our cars upright this morning! #DUI ???????? 00:46:38
  • UNO Scott Court, 6510 Pine St. Security has detained two black males and one Hispanic male with open containers / urinated in parking lot. 00:49:07
  • RT @OPDLtRamos: Crime scene for walk-in shooting was located near 600 N 41 ST #opd 00:58:46
  • Happy bar close time in #Omaha! Everyone be sure to safely drunk drive home. #DUI 01:01:08
  • Cops out with a little disturbance at 10th/ Howard Street. #OldMarket 01:05:03
  • Police requesting OFD to flush the street at the shooting scene, 620 N 41st Street.
    OFD E24 01:11:03
  • Victim in the ER was struck by a vehicle driven by his GF. #RelationshipGoals 01:16:03
  • Down Person: 150/ Jaynes St. Caller says a very intoxicated 20 y/o male is down in a black sedan.
    Bennington Rescue 01:30:06
  • RT @moonsanim: @MeanStreetsOMA If I got detained every time I urinated in public, I probably couldn't tweet this. 01:31:35
  • Sounds like the phones are ringing off the hook at Douglas County 911 01:32:57
  • Overdose: Welcome Inn, 2322 S 24 Street. Female, 20 y/o, in the parking lot.
    OFD: E3, M3 01:39:01
  • RT @addietempra: Sounds like my marriage. I'd be the one driving the vehicle. 01:42:59
  • Driver of a Pontiac at S 137th St & Kingswood Drive needs a breathalyzer test. #DUI 01:44:47
  • Extra police patrols continue in Elmwood Park this morning. ???? 01:58:12
  • Overdose: 65/ Miami Street. Caller says a female overdosed on alcohol, has been drinking tequila sunrises.
    OFD: T41, M41 02:07:21
  • Down Person: Jackson Tower, 600 S 27th Street. Caller says a person is down in a stairwell.
    OFD: E1, M1 02:09:38
  • Taxi driver calling about a very intoxicated female who can't give a coherent address. QT, 715 S Saddle Creek Road. 02:18:34
  • RT @tourdefranz: .@MeanStreetsOMA N. 41st shooting scene clear and clean, n'hood is eerily quiet, even for a usually very quiet place https… 02:19:10
  • Down Person: 8434 Park Drive. Security has a male in a Nissan passed out behind the wheel.
    OFD: E30, M61 02:21:59
  • RT @fyrtamer: So many gathered to support. No violence. @POTUS still silent on all the sheepdogs killed this year… 02:25:15
  • Burglary in Progress: Caller to 911 can hear someone snoring in her home, but no one is supposed to be there. 02:27:40
  • RT @sgtgary: @MeanStreetsOMA Maybe the dog drank too much? 😉 02:29:40
  • Cab driver says two Hispanic males punched him and ran 02:50:02
  • Hope everyone has a nice Saturday 03:13:51
  • RT @CFroThePoPo: Great photo from last night…
    #KerrieOn 10:22:29
  • RT @allieclemens: RECKLESS ASS MOTORCYCLIST DRIVING ON Q ST @MeanStreetsOMA 11:04:21
  • Caller says her son broke in and stole the dog 11:51:53
  • Nice afternoon to be mentally unstable 12:15:28
  • RT @AGuyNamedJoey: Look I got all my chores done and I'll do whatever I want!!! 12:28:10
  • RT @WizKhalawya: @MeanStreetsOMA top 3 fav items found picking up litter on Hamilton:
    1. Dirty needle
    2. A Social Security card
    3. Single… 12:53:45
  • RT @MIRanda_TV3: The Dump Trump has been covered up on the grain bins. #Omaha 12:54:39
  • (3:30) Shooting: 18th and Evans. 17 y/o shot in the leg inside a house. Second victim self-transported to CUMC. 14:46:28
  • RT @hypegotti: @MeanStreetsOMA rolled over car on 128 and Q, traffic going west detoured 14:46:48
  • RT @TheNUfan: @MeanStreetsOMA 14:47:02
  • RT @DonWOWT: Reported shooting 18th & Evans. This man in cuffs was placed in the back of police car. @WOWT6News 14:52:56
  • M31 enroute to UNMC Code 3 with a 8 y/o who overdosed on an unknown substance. 15:14:39
  • Runner: Foot pursuit in the area of 40th and Wirt St. Guy running from OPD Delta Officers. 18:01:26
  • OPD Traffic Unit requesting expidited backup and a Sargent for an irate driver. 18:06:26
  • Its a nice night to be shooting BB Guns at trees and a house. 21:43:01
  • Injury Accident: 13th and Jackson St. 2 cars involved.
    OFD: E1, M34 21:46:34
  • Fight Disturbance: Kelly's North Bowl. 20 people fighting in the parking lot. 21:59:10
  • Possiable Apartment Fire: 9219 Maplewood Blvd. 13 y/o caller says something is on fire in her bedroom. 22:14:09
  • Midnight! 23:00:04


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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