MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 05-18-2016

  • Caller to 911 is having a disturbance with his tenant who is refusing to pay the rent. 00:12:27
  • Three lights on the tower 00:33:30
  • 4-5 intoxicated females returned to the scene of their hit and run and are picking up pieces of the car, and they are being loud. 00:59:47
  • Child caller to 911 says mom is having a mental breakdown. 01:10:25
  • Injury Accident: 40th/ Decatur Street. Police on location requesting medics for an infant who is injured.
    OFD: E24, M24 01:15:48
  • Caller says Javier is armed with a taser and trying to assault him, he is on cocaine and alcohol. 01:17:23
  • RT @crepeau: Caller is fighting with their son, who is "mad because he can't get any marijuana." #chicagoscanner 01:19:35
  • Still not a good time to be driving through 24th and Taylor Street in an unplated green Lexus. #trafficstopOMA 01:34:03
  • OK 01:40:53
  • Caller to 911 is having a disturbance with his nephew who is refusing to leave. 01:56:25
  • OPD rolling lots of traffic stops in Northeast Omaha right now 02:03:27
  • Caller says a 78 y/o female is unconscious, says he is unable to get her on the ground for CPR and she just passed away. 02:19:12
  • RT @RealOmahaCougar: The rent is too damn high. 02:34:28
  • Shots Fired: 65th/ Manderson St. Caller heard 6-7 shots fired, nothing seen. 02:46:51
  • Fitness Goals: NOT being an intoxicated white male with a heavy build wearing a Nebraska Cornhuskers jacket who is prowling cars. 03:11:19
  • 4:30 AM: Soooo many males being transported by police down to Douglas County Corrections… Sorry ladies! 03:32:57
  • "Witnesses say the male got up and went over to the liquor store" 11:28:25
  • Disturbance: 42nd/Corby St., assist OFD with a very combative and hostile patient 11:32:32
  • If you just dropped your purse while trying to flee after you shoplifted, the store has your purse 11:43:50
  • RT @Derek_DNP: Law enforcement prepare for the funeral procession for Lt. Ben Roth. Procession should start at 11:15.… 11:45:09
  • "They have him in his room now and gave him some calming medication" 11:47:31
  • The manager of Whole Foods is chasing the shoplifter 11:49:20
  • Crowd Disturbance: 24th/Sprague St., anonymous caller says 20 people are drinking beer, using narcotics and have prostitutes around 11:51:38
  • RT @imonlyJOSHINu: .@MeanStreetsOMA He'll never catch him. Priuses have like zero acceleration. 11:51:53
  • WAT 15:04:13
  • Not a smart move to go into the Sheriff's Office for a gun permit when you have a warrant. 15:10:37
  • Principal says mom and dad are having a disturbance over custody at the school, dad is inside with the kids, mom is outside in a car. 15:24:11
  • RT @OWHCrime: Douglas Co. 911: Caller says she found a knife with blood on it in the grass behind 24-Hour Fitness. 15:27:39
  • Caller found a knife with blood on it in the grass behind 24 Hour Fitness on Cass Street. 15:31:09
  • RT @joelschafer: It's well known that there's a group of homeless people live under the bridge there, near the Keystone Trail. https://t.c… 15:39:45
  • RT @thefirstbrat12: #OPD en route to book in a pocket knife 15:49:05
  • Using narcotics in a Civic with a a baby inside #HappyHumpDay 15:50:45
  • Caller to 911 says her autistic child is threatening her property and mental wellness. 15:52:45
  • "Domestic related property retrieval." 16:04:29
  • Woman alleges Omaha police officer harassed her at Donald Trump rally via @ketv 16:08:21
  • RT @OfcWoodLVPD: Burglary report, owners dog Molly was taken. If you have seen this dog please call @lavistapolice 16:12:18
  • Free wheelbarrow: 168th/ Blondo Street, just south 16:14:37
  • Possible Apartment Fire: 7311 Wirt Circle. Smoke in the building. 16:16:31
  • RT @LyleMead: @MeanStreetsOMA State Patrol Speed trap West dodge rd eastbound 192nd. 16:16:37
  • RT @KristynaEngdahl: To clarify — woman doesn't dispute arrest. Complaint comes from in custody treatment, and alleged harassment. https:/… 16:16:41
  • Caller to 911 says her son found a fanny pack with keys and other items. 16:20:35
  • Something about a male passed out in the gutter kinda moving around a little 16:21:38
  • Down Person: Costco, 12300 W Dodge Road. 60s female down near the roadway, and a good Samaritan is trying to help her out.
    OFD: E52, M52 16:27:25
  • RT @CWBChicago: Mugshot of the day.
    #Chicago 16:28:20
  • Caller says his GF is intoxicated and the neighbor is out front screaming and yelling for someone to call the law. #HappyHumpDay 16:32:47
  • Caller to 911 says occupants of a silver van with paper plates are hotboxing at Hanscom Park 16:34:43
  • Caller to 911 says a white male with big puffy hair and white baggy pants seems confused at the entrance to Family Dollar. 16:38:29
  • 56 y/o male at detox had a weak blow of only .370 BAC, so they won't take him. Now he's catching an ambulance ride down to the CUMC ER. 16:50:04
  • Down in a gutter by 5PM –> police ride to detox –> too drunk for detox –> ambulance ride to the ER. #HumpDayHappyHour 16:57:01
  • RT @Breaking911: Phoenix, AZ:
    -Officer Shot, Rushed To Hospital
    -Suspect Down
    -Active SWAT Scene

    LIVE >> https://t… 17:02:48

  • RT @JonHarrold: @MeanStreetsOMA EB Dodge down to one lane at Happy Hollow. 17:07:31
  • MUD said a transformer is smoking at 54th and L St., OFD says the transformer is smoking, no fire but OPPD isn't sure when they will arrive 17:41:46
  • Distrubances:
    Hy-Vee 79th and Cass St.
    Hy-Vee 108th and Fort St. 17:44:30
  • RT @USAunderground: Kids love the Transformers. Sad they they're setting a bad example by smoking in public. 17:44:37
  • Check Well-being: 31st/Oak St., caller says a is male running up and down the street throwing trash cans 17:54:31
  • Assault: 6202 Ville De Santa Drive, caller says someone shot into the lobby of the apartments 17:57:38
  • Injury Accident: 228th and West Dodge Road just South. Waterloo Rescue Call. Valley dual response. ATV accident. 18:29:13
  • Runner: 5259 Fontenelle. Single party running from OPD Deltas. 18:31:32
  • Annddd its training. They should really use a training radio channel instead of the one used for actual emergencies 18:46:24
  • House Fire: 7302 S 30th St. Mutual Aid for Bellevue.
    OFD: E31, B3, R33 19:12:37
  • RT @MidNEScanner: Someone keeps calling officers to different location. Person has warrants. Cops are pissed. 19:23:05
  • "Attention Omaha and Douglas County Fire Personnel Immanuel Hospital is now closed for all patients except for Code 99." 20:36:30
  • RT @bjhanusek: Got to go for a helicopter ride for training tonight. 20:37:44
  • RT @JerMaskel: 20mins to our look inside @OmahaPolice patrol rifle training, and why officers say it makes everyone safer. @KETV https://t.… 20:43:25
  • Lots of #Encrypted radio traffic tonight… Are there arrest warrant parties we are unaware of tonight? 20:45:32
  • RT @DrArchvile: @MeanStreetsOMA sitting on the back porch suddenly looking over my shoulder. Thanks #forgptmycourtdate 20:50:54
  • RT @Breaking911: BREAKING: EgyptAir Flight From Paris To Cairo Has Disappeared From Radar – 21:16:12
  • More proactive policing taking place in Elmwood Park. 21:48:32
  • RT @NCAACWS: 30 days until…

    The #CWS Opening Ceremonies take center stage in Omaha! 21:50:56

  • Midnight! 23:00:07
  • Anonymous Caller to 911 says people on the patio of Dundee Cork and Bottle are being too loud.#DundeeProblems 23:09:25
  • RT @anon_callerOMA: Shut the hell up, you pretentious hipster pricks. 23:13:44
  • Construction workers set off the fire alarm at Bag N Save 23:23:53
  • Caller says intoxicated males are arguing in front of Bill's BBQ on N 24th Street, one male is pushing around another male in a wheelchair. 23:26:44
  • RT @Schumacher_402: Anytime I need a good laugh at Omaha's finest citizens I check out @MeanStreetsOMA 23:36:05
  • MIP: Blue Jay Bar, 2416 Davenport Street. Anonymous Caller is reporting minors drinking in the bar. 23:43:43
  • Something about a Hispanic male beating a Kia Soul with a sledgehammer, he fled in a gold Honda Accord. 23:45:53
  • RT @itsmichalski: BLASPHEMY 23:55:48


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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