MeanStreetsOMA Tweet Summary for 06-07-2016

  • Female just showed up at CUMC with a self-inflicted stab wound and she indicated she may have stabbed someone else.
    #OmahaAfterDark 01:22:41
  • RT @OPDOfcBettin: Thank you 911 caller near 51st & Hartman. Loitering / suspicious vehicle had a party with a felony warrant and meth pipe.… 10:29:47
  • Crime Lab is locked out at the SE door again… 10:40:40
  • RT @JeanneRoubidoux: @jeffallgood @MeanStreetsOMA Came in as a fire call, someone trapped. Turns out, person "burning off" a grill on an ap… 11:00:30
  • Injury Accident/Hit and Run: 39th/Dodge OPD is expediting 11:01:41
  • "I have a Code 2 to DCC." "Clear" "Can you please advise county that he is combative?" 11:31:30
  • House Fire: 7321 Grover St., OFD: E30, E33, E53, R33, B5, T61, B3 11:37:29
  • Callers 13 y/o son is running from caller (mother) and his therapist, they are chasing after him 11:47:23
  • Another food on the stove fire call, can't you learn how to cook Omaha?!?! 11:53:30
  • Whatever Medic unit that just left CUMC, your back door is open and equipment is falling out! #uhoh 11:54:52
  • Assault: 42nd/Redman Ave., black male has been assaulted by numerous parties w/sticks, not alert but breathing, OPD enroute OFD: M21, T21 12:01:02
  • "We've blocked off the street, there are a lot of looky loos." 12:10:07
  • RT @OPDOfcBettin: @MeanStreetsOMA @timwagner66 SW officer on an accident nearby spotted him. All reunited! On to the next call! #BusyDay 12:24:50
  • Free: I-680 and just north of Fort St., two large pieces of wood, going NB 12:32:07
  • RT @myhubbysaidwhaa: @MeanStreetsOMA Been there, done that. Autistic kids' emotional part of their brain truly gets stuck in fight or fligh… 12:36:40
  • Someone should tell the red Iowa plated car's driver that you can't park in front of the no parking sign #ohwait 12:39:26
  • Vehicle Fire: 40th and Leavenworth, OFD: E34 13:29:21
  • Burglary in Progress: 5023 Chicago St. 14:23:39
  • Pin in Injury Accident: 2921 N 84th St.
    Vehicle roll over with at least one female pinned.
    OFD: B4, E42, T41, M41, R33 14:25:20
  • RT @BPDLt_Reed: Multiple vehicle injury crash at 36th and 370! Significant traffic backups. @BellevuePolice 14:34:50
  • A motorcycle driver just flew past Officers at 144th and Q going 94 mph in 45 mph zone. 14:45:58
  • Stop and Check: Reckless motorcycle near 204th and Harrison St.
    Last seen going 100+ MPH. 14:54:09
  • Caller to 911 is concerned about two juveniles wearing headphones who are skateboarding in front of Baker's. #WestOmahaProblems 15:04:31
  • Caller to 911 is screaming about someone who is melting his brain. 15:11:08
  • "He hit her with the butt end of a gun and fled on Saddle Creek in an Impala" 15:13:27
  • Caller to 911 says he hit a child over the head with his cane because the child was being aggressive. 15:16:50
  • RT @tad711: i love that master p song. 15:18:17
  • Heat Exposure: 4318 S 25th Street. An 8 month old child was locked in a car, cops broke the window out and would like the child checked. M31 15:19:33
  • RT @Maya_Reports: An elderly woman parking near 84th & Maple accidentally hit gas & flipped onto a truck before landing upside down. https:… 15:22:31
  • RT @Maya_Reports: OPD says firefighters were able to get woman out. She was taken to hospital with minor injuries. @action3news 15:22:44
  • Caller says her mother's BF (who is in jail) contacted her over the phone, violating the protection order. #RelationshipGoals 15:26:40
  • RT @Wicc34: Apparently the heat has also fried the brain of this child's parent! ???????? #commonsensefail 15:31:13
  • Staff at Dollar General, 56th/ Ames, say an intoxicated black female customer was being belligerent, making threats, left in a blue Caddy. 15:35:09
  • Another child locked in a car: Applebee's, 132nd/ W Maple Road. Caller says a 2 y/o is locked in a grey Nissan Sentra. 15:37:48
  • Florentine Apartments on Benson Gardens Blvd being Florentine Apartments on Benson Gardens Blvd. 15:42:44
  • Caller is rambling about people who are trying to harm her and a UV ray of light that her neighbor, who is hiding bodies, shines on her. 15:45:44
  • Caller at Florentine Apartments says a female was angry, rammed an unoccupied car with her Grand Prix w/ in transits, had a child in the car 15:51:44
  • RT @OPDOfcAlcantara: #OPD making summer funner for some lucky kids today! Delivered bikes to our SAFE Event raffle winners! Congrats! https… 15:58:37
  • Nice afternoon to be delusional and acting irrational and/or imbalanced. 16:02:52
  • Caller to 911 is concerned about a white male walking around with a cooler and beer headbanging with no music near 60th/ Blondo Street. 16:08:34
  • RT @elizabethmomber: @MeanStreetsOMA ????He's got the music in him???? 16:11:56
  • Nice afternoon to be sitting on the stoop yelling and screaming at people who are not there. 16:16:25
  • Cutting: 48th/ Boyd Street. Caller says a female was cut in the face with a bottle.
    OFD: E21, M21 16:27:55
  • Oh no! Automatic fire alarm at Chuck E Cheese's! 16:35:46
  • Caller says he works in a mental hospital and is trying to get them to shut down and is having problems getting money from his guardian. 16:58:55
  • The Humane Society needs assistance with traffic control near 76th/ Cass Street, they are chasing a turkey. ???? 17:27:05
  • RT @JasonEspOmaha: @MeanStreetsOMA I'm pretty sure I established "Chuck E. Cheese command" when I was a kid with the amount of tickets I'd… 17:46:02
  • RT @erinsorensen: @MeanStreetsOMA 18:10:29
  • RT @Cottey87: Anyone else picturing George Costanza pushing all the children aside on his way out the door? 18:10:46
  • Nice night to be yelling
    -into the air
    -at no one in particular
    -at people who are not there 18:12:03
  • RT @UlyssesOfOmaha: Christmas in #Omaha @MeanStreetsOMA ???????????? 19:06:09
  • The ever elusive #OmahaTurtle now has a twitter apparently… 20:15:10
  • Shooting: 130th and Ohern St
    Caller said a suicidal party had a gun then the caller heard a shot.
    OFD: T61, M61 21:30:11
  • RT @jenna_leighs: 48th and Leavenworth, car verses pole! I think the pole won ???? @MeanStreetsOMA 21:36:32
  • *Barricaded Gunman* 130th and Ohurn St.
    Police have visual on the party from outside the house.
    K9, ERU, Command, Deltas all responding. 21:45:20
  • All tweets related to the barricaded gunman at 130th and Ohern St will be delayed for safety reasons. 21:48:54
  • Standoff: The parties daughter is hiding behind a tree in the back yard and on the phone with police. OPD going to retrieve her. 21:50:54
  • Standoff: Police are in contact with the suspect and he has agreed to cooperate. He is currently walking out the front toward the sidewalk. 21:52:42
  • Standoff: Police are Signal 88 with one Code 2 (arrest). Police will begin clearing the house. 21:53:51
  • Standoff: Police report that the house is clear. OPD units are returning to service.
    OFD units are released back into service as well. 21:56:26
  • Caller says his nephew's mom's BF assaulted him. 22:12:55
  • RT @lnjourney: I just discovered @MeanStreetsOMA Wow. 22:19:28
  • Some jackass at Grover Square Apartments threw a large firework and scared a bunch of people, caused the Fire Department to come out. 22:26:22
  • The deer sure have been active on Sorensen Parkway. This one is now under a car. 22:28:43
  • Caller says his heavy set neighbor Scott is intoxicated and outside yelling obscenities and racial slurs. 22:30:44
  • While police just saved one suicidal party another was just found Code 4… 22:33:00
  • If you are feeling suicidal or just need someone to talk to please reach out.
    Call 1-800-448-3000
    #SuicideAwareness 22:34:27
  • RT @AmandaRex: Dealt with this today at my place. I even put out the fire for them that was still burning in the dumpster.… 22:40:09
  • Caller says a couple is fornicating in a car in the Walmart parking lot, 72nd/ Hickory Street. 22:42:41
  • Caller to 911 is irate about the police response time to his property damage car accident call at 168th/ W Center. 22:46:45
  • RT @bridey_: @MeanStreetsOMA when he takes you to Walmart #RelationshipGoals 22:50:00
  • Caller says her intoxicated brother just got kicked out of grandma's house, now he is outside throwing things. 22:56:00
  • Midnight! 23:00:02
  • Vehicle Fire: 29th/ Charles Street. Vehicle fully engulfed on fire.
    OFD: E5 23:11:16
  • DCSO Deputes expediting backup to 5626 N 154th Street, sounds like a loud disturbance in the background. 23:11:58
  • Assault: Bucky's, 101 N 30th Street. Male caller at the pay phone says he was assaulted in the face with a chair.
    OFD: E1, M1 23:16:03
  • Disturbance: 4469 Redman Ave. Cab driver in a red Crown Vic Cornhusker cab says his passenger doesn't have any money. 23:19:56
  • Officers in the area heard what sounded like 2-3 shotgun blasts in the area of 42nd/Ames Ave, but it might be fireworks. #NorthOmahaProblems 23:37:47
  • RT @RealOmahaCougar: Mom, dad, where did I come from? 23:46:29


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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