Morning MeanStreets Summary for 08-06

  • Injury Accident: 87th & Sorensen Parkway. 19 y/o male found unconscious in the street, his friends say he was hit by a car. @irvingtonfire 00:00:56
  • RT @lukebeverland: @MeanStreetsOMA told y'all sum weird was about to happen 00:01:40
  • Cops searching the area of 160th & W Center Rd for a suspect who fled from a possible stolen vehicle near 168th. 00:09:57
  • A call for an intoxicated male blasting music from his vehicle and urinating on an elderly man's garage. 00:17:34
  • RT @Omaha1984: If you're dead set on using narcotics, try to use less than the amount that it takes to mistake garbage cans for three bears. 00:23:02
  • Shots Fired: 41st & Grand Ave. @shotspotter detecting 7 shots fired, multiple callers and cops hearing them as well. 00:25:22
  • Sorensen Parkway westbound from 87th closed for DCSO CSI investigation. 19 y/o male struck by a vehicle, transporte… 00:30:20
  • Burglary in Progress: Cheddar's, 12152 L Street. Someone came in the back door, alarms went off, employees ran out the front door. 01:02:14
  • Loud awesome party in the area of 52nd & Curtis Avenue 01:11:19
  • Old Market after hours checking in. 12th & Harney Street, medics needed for a highly intoxicated female with injuries to face. 01:14:18
  • Multiple fights at Guaca Maya, 5002 S 33rd Street 01:18:15
  • Old Market: 13th & Jackson Street, cops dealing with disturbance 01:18:47
  • Like two fights, 16 people fighting and/or watching in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 01:19:18
  • Old Market: Call for a person down in front of Subway, 1214 Howard Street. OFD: T1, M3 01:25:55
  • Intoxicated 40s y/o female down on the ground in front of Subway in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 01:27:07
  • Benson: 62nd & Maple Street, Male, 30s y/o, fell down and hit his head.
    OFD: E41, M41 01:29:43
  • Big Jim's Ribs is always on @MeanStreetsOMA. 3024 Ames Avenue 01:34:05
  • Old Market: 10th & Howard. "Unsure if it was the dog or the guy with the dog who has been drinking" #OmahaScanner 01:36:30
  • He was passed out in his car for like 15 minutes, the firefighters work him up, and he went into Big Jim's in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 01:40:53
  • Now he is putting fuel in his vehicle in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 01:42:03
  • Old Market: 12th & Harney Street, 4 people fighting 01:54:59
  • Death investigation near Shamrock Road & Grey Fawn Drive (124th/Pacific Street). Mid-20s male found in back yard. 01:59:29
  • 24th & Douglas Street: Single vehicle wreck, a white sedan drove into a parked trailer. 02:03:25
  • Caller to 911 says his neighbor, who lives nearby, sprayed him with mace. 02:06:49
  • Cops need a breathalyzer for a #DUI driver in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 02:08:37
  • Wrong way driver, 33rd & Harney Street. Grey Mitsubishi going westbound in the eastbound lanes 02:14:23
  • Just going to leave this here… 02:15:07
  • #Domestic: She says her BF is intoxicated and she wants to leave with the kids. 02:19:57
  • Police doing CPR on an unconscious female in a police cruiser, 72nd & Ohio Street. She headbutted the cruiser partition.
    OFD: T41, M41 02:42:46
  • Medic 41 transporting one female to NMC code 2. Very intoxicated female was banging her head against the police cruiser bars, is combative. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 02:55:30
  • Police continuing to attempt to disperse a large group from the area of 30th & Ames Avenue. 02:59:11
  • Medics gave him a ride down to NMC, a very intoxicated male fell down and hit his head. M41 in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:04:34
  • To clarify, it was a disturbance with some guy and some guy with a dog. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:05:51
  • Shots Fired: 58th & Parker Street. Caller heard 5 shots fired and saw a car flee east… now 9 more shots fired. 03:11:23
  • Another caller near 58th & Blondo Street heard 6 shots fired in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:11:47
  • 50 y/o caller to 911 initially said he was going thru alcohol withdraws. Medics discovered that he is drunk, are giving him a ride to NMC. 03:19:38
  • After medics discovered that he is drunk, he changed his mind to a medical problem of difficulty breathing. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:21:01
  • Silver Chevy Impala fled from Ralson cops northbound from 90th & Q Street. No plates, no tail lights. Police are NOT in pursuit. 03:22:19
  • "He says he has been having a severe detox episode for two days and wants a ride to the hospital." #OmahaScanner 03:25:56
  • There are four lights on the tower 🚨🚨🚨🚨 03:34:55
  • RT @1SharpGuy: @MeanStreetsOMA Ahh, the ol' switcharoo 03:37:20
  • Medic 61 giving him a ride to the Bergan ER code 1. Patient had a hard time sleeping due to tremors and sweats, Alcohol detox in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:42:07
  • Assault in Progress: Four Aces, 6604 N 30th Street. Caller says 12 people are having a gang fight and beating up on a female. 03:51:43
  • When it is almost 5:00 a.m. and you are banned and barred from the International House of Pancakes. 🥞12423 W Center Road 03:53:55
  • Suspect tried to kick the glass out of the front door, then fled the area on a bicycle. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 03:55:32
  • RT @TinkerShelbs: white male in red shirt, trying to eat my food in peace 03:58:34
  • Go follow this 911 Dispatch Sit-Along #VSA —> 04:20:47
  • A walk-in cutting victim just showed up at The Nebraska Medical Center Emergency Room, 4350 Dewey Ave, via a ride with the #fambulance. 04:24:39
  • The patient came in on a Dodge Avenger, victim is now being treated in the trauma bay. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 04:26:45
  • RT @OPDLtRamos: #opd is en route to NMC for a walk-in cutting victim 04:27:57
  • Caller to 911 reported a fire alarm at 48th & Vinton St. Omaha Firefighters discovered a defective alarm, installed a new CO / smoke alarm. 04:44:16
  • RT @OPDLtRamos: Victim of walk-in cutting @ NMC is a B/M, 30's. Location cutting occurred is still unknown at this time #opd 05:06:09
  • Well no shit… 05:06:56
  • Three patients taken to Nebraska Medical Center after an Injury Accident on 99th & Blair High Rd. 13:50:44
  • 2 pediatric patients transported Code 3 TCC in critical condition. 1 adult female Transported Code 2 TCC in seriou… 13:51:19
  • Injury Accident: 9636 Taylor St.
    Vehicle vs motorcycle.
    OFD: E42, M42 14:05:38
  • M42 enroute to Bergan Code 2 TCC. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 14:19:47
  • RT @OPDSgtMenning: Nice fishing by @ArrowTowing_NE. 16 yr old driving went off road Friday night at 108&Center. Yesterday this is what Arro… 14:22:18
  • Shots Fired: 39th and Nebraska Ave.
    @shotspotter activation for 4 shots fired. 14:25:13
  • OFD requesting OPD at 16th & John J Pershing Dr. for numerous ATVs driving recklessly in the area.
    #OmahaScanner 16:58:09
  • Standoff: 33rd and I St.
    Intoxicated male party armed with a .22 rifle in a basement in the area. House evacuated & perimeter established. 20:18:42
  • .@OPDABLE1 and K9 requested. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 20:19:06
  • It's a MIP party kinda night!
    #OmahaAfterDark 20:53:02
  • RT @OPDLtLeavitt: @MeanStreetsOMA UPB was able to talk him out. No callout for us tonight. Good job all! 21:10:43
  • Injury Accident: 30th & Pratt Street. Pedestrian struck by a Buick LaCrosse.
    OFD: E21, M5 22:20:46
  • Caller to 911 believes has three people living in his attic and he has them trapped up there. 22:27:44
  • He's requesting that officers bring a ladder. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 22:34:09
  • When u accidentally mace yourself 22:45:21
  • Medic 5 code 2 to NMC w/ mystery patient, no one saw what happened, may or may not have been hit by a car. Patient is very ETOH in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 22:49:22
  • RT @123Matt: @MeanStreetsOMA Directions on side of Mace canister: 1. Shake well before use; 2. Deactivate safety; 3. Aim AWAY from you, and… 22:58:16
  • Midnight! 23:00:01


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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