Morning MeanStreets Summary for 08-12

  • RT @OPDOfcNickerson: #OPD investigating a vehicle vs house crash at N 53rd/Corby St. Thankfully no injuries. Driver being charged with DUI.… 00:08:04
  • Caller to 911 says they did the “shave and a haircut knock.” #Omaha 01:01:57
  • RT @NEHumaneSociety: Please enjoy these photos of dogs going down the slide at a swimming pool. 17:39:23
  • [standard tweet regarding reckless motorcycles on Dodge] 18:14:16
  • Caller to 911 is having a disturbance with his 16 y/o son who is upset that he can't have his cell phone #Omaha 18:25:18
  • "The only person who is being cooperative with the police is the 7 y/o…" #Omaha 18:52:25
  • Apparent cutting victim from a disturbance at Carter Lake family reunion rode the #fambulance to the CHI Lil' Creighton ER. 18:55:26
  • RT @1256PoPo: They don't know if the gear shift knob was kicked inadvertently but the results are pretty spectacular. Hopefully Fast Eddie… 19:13:15
  • She's wearing a maroon halter top with matching maroon pants and damaged a fire hydrant with her Ford Freestyle #Omaha 19:15:33
  • RT @OPDSgtMenning: Busy day. Lots of crashes. Several with intoxicated drivers. Several calls from new officers asking good questions. All… 19:22:02
  • The crime scene is next to the jungle gym area in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:28:21
  • Caller to 911 is anticipating having a disturbance with the Bucky's employees because the car wash damaged his pickup truck #Omaha 19:31:28
  • They’re arguing and yelling about custody of the 7 month old #Omaha 19:47:38
  • RT @BonniBlack10: @MeanStreetsOMA Dark-thirty @ 90th/Western & at least 3 blocks in all directions. ALL streetlights are out. Traffic light… 20:14:15
  • RT @AvgSociaIMedia: Twitter: Some dude replying to your tweet with the link to his mixtape 20:44:21
  • The Line to Lincoln is down until 11:30pm #Omaha 21:23:24
  • Nice night to be hiding up in a tree and smoking 21:31:11
  • Who steals a light brown truck with two flat tires and partially obstructed Kansas plates? 🤔 #DeepThoughts 21:37:23
  • Caller to 911 says a drug dealer was getting physical with a 2 y/o and he lives two houses from Boost Mobile and he… 21:40:27
  • Caller is having a disturbance with her intoxicated mother over her son's money #OmahaScanner 22:00:16
  • Carjacking: 18th & Castelar Street. Caller was carjacked out of his Toyota Tundra but 4 males armed with a .38, sam… 22:03:26
  • Caller left the keys in his F-150 at Walgreens, 30th & Lake Street, and you know what happens next… 22:28:28
  • Midnight! 23:00:00


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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