Morning MeanStreets Summary for 01-02

  • Midnight! 00:00:01
  • Shots Fired: North Freeway and Lake St.
    @shotspotter detected several shots fired. 00:01:16
  • Shots Fired: 108th and Redick Ave. Bluffs at Cherry Hills Apartments
    Caller heard 5-6 shots from inside the complex. 00:16:36
  • Shots Fired: 101st and Ellison Ave.
    Caller heard 5 shots fired. 00:17:00
  • Crowd: 35th and Laurel Ave.
    Caller says 30 people are outside fighting. 4-5 shots also fired. 01:01:23
  • RT @OPDLauren: This cool little lady is making care packages for all of the OPD officers and needs a little more help to make her wish come… 01:14:15
  • RT @OPDOfcBettin: Carjacking suspects (2) from 45th & Franklin in custody. Vehicle and firearm recovered. Can’t outrun a Motorola & good po… 12:16:33
  • Staff at Valero says a heavy-set female stole some chips and a hot dog, now she’s standing outside eating it. 15:02:42
  • Free Christmas Tree: I-80 eastbound & 84th-60th Street ? 15:10:07
  • RT @huskerpip: @MeanStreetsOMA “I must dispose of the evidence!” 15:11:22
  • RT @OPDSgtMenning: OPD Traffic officers arrested 57 DUI drivers during operations from Dec 16-Jan 1. 353 total citations issued. https://t.… 15:21:53
  • Two males stole wood from a house under construction and fled in a grey Chevy 1500 pickup #WestOmahaProblems 15:32:16
  • Sorry, I’m no expert on teen angst… 15:41:10
  • Passerby says there are panhandlers on every corner of 72nd & Dodge Street 16:02:28
  • RT @AlexHassel87: Now that the holiday season is over, we can focus on what’s really important: Three months of soul-crushing cold and dark… 16:32:35
  • The bariatric ambulance is on another run and is unable to assist moving a patient in South Omaha. 16:46:14
  • He took coke and meth a few days ago and feels like he’s going crazy and having chest pains. #OmahaScanner 17:29:29
  • Injury Accident: 81st & Dodge Street. Three vehicles involved and a disturbance.
    OFD: E53, M52 17:31:49
  • RT @GretchenDHall: That hurts! 121 & Blondo @MeanStreetsOMA 17:37:40
  • RT @KyleNichole30:
    We are roughly $2500 short of her goal!We are less than ONEWEEK away!
    We need your help!
  • Medic: “Medic 5 enroute to St. Joe North.”
    Dispatch: “Clear St. Joe North.”
    #OmahaScanner 19:14:48
  • M52 is not in pursuit of a possible DUI vehicle. Vehicle is now stopped in a parking lot. 19:18:33
  • Home Invasion/ Cutting: 36th & U St.
    Possible home invasion with 2 suspects with guns and knives. Possibly 3 injured.
    OFD: T31, M31 19:32:55
  • Sounds like a dispute between a landlord and tenants turned bloody. Police were on scene an hour and a half ago for a fight. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:36:46
  • M31 enroute to UNMC Code 2 with a 32 y/o male who was in an altercation and has a cut on his finger. Also detained by OPD at this time. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 20:12:50
  • “We are on a reserve rig… We have no MDT.”
    #OmahaScanner 20:20:59
  • Medic: “We are enroute to the VA with one patient.”
    Dispatch: “The VA is closed.”
    #OmahaScanner 20:21:37
  • Detectives enroute. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 20:29:57
  • Methodist Hospital is off of Division. 22:35:36
  • Shots Fired: 40th Ave and Fowler Ave.
    Caller heard 2 shots fired. No @shotspotter activation. 22:39:45
  • Officer: “We are Signal 88 with a bird inside the building.”
    Dispatch: “Clear. 88 with a bird.”
    #OmahaScanner 22:41:25
  • Today in dumb things people tweet to @MeanStreetsOMA we have a MIP party… Unclear if it is BYOB or not… 22:47:51
  • “We are enroute to your facility with a female who wants to stop drinking and get sober for the New Year.”
    #OmahaScanner 23:07:11
  • Cutting: The Open Door Mission
    Caller picked up a hitch hiker and was cut. Caller is uncooperative.
    OFD: E22, M21 23:10:10
  • Party is going to go by private auto. Crews returning to service. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 23:23:34
  • Whos ready for The Second Annual @MeanStreetsOMA Food Challenge!?! ???
    The theme is Food Trucks!?
    Send us your reco… 23:54:07


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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