Morning MeanStreetsOMA Summary for 06-12-2016

  • Shooting: 16255 Loop St.
    Call came from Sarpy Dispatch. Party with GSW to the head. Unconscious but breathing.
    OFD: E63, M77 00:10:45
  • Lifenet helicopter landing just now at Upchurch Elementary School, 168th/Giles Rd, to transport a gunshot victim. 00:41:45
  • Valley Rescue requesting Lifenet launch for a ETOH 20 y/o male who fell out of a tree near 330th and Ida St. 00:45:00
  • RT @OPDLtRamos: S 24 St, still blocked from Bancroft-Oak for acc investigation. One passenger was taken to CHI for treatment #opd https://t… 00:49:24
  • Lifenet lifting off just now at Upchurch Elementary School, 168th/Giles Rd, to transport a gunshot victim to UNMC. 01:03:30
  • Lifenet has landed at UNMC after a quick trip from 168th / Giles Road with a very critical gunshot victim. 01:18:48
  • Shots Fired: 36th / Grand Ave. Officers in the area heard one shot fired. 01:22:45
  • Assault: 62nd / Maple Street. Suspect fled the area in a VW, victim is laying on the ground.
    OFD: E41, M41 01:31:22
  • Most of the #OldMarket bar crowd has dispersed from the area, everyone should now be safely driving home. 01:38:40
  • Burglary in Progress: Tudor Heights, 10512 Bedford Plaza. Caller says someone is trying to break into her apartment. 01:50:38
  • No better time than Sunday morning for a combination of alcohol, sushi, and bad judgement. ???????????? 02:03:43
  • Three lights on the tower 02:11:16
  • RT @Breaking911: Conflicting reports coming in as more than 20 people shot in Orlando Nightclub "Pulse". Image taken by Orlando PD. https:/… 02:31:21
  • OPD expediting backup to International House of Pancakes,
    4707 N 72nd Street, dudes in a Charger with Iowa plates are armed with a gun. 02:46:38
  • Down Person: Village Inn, 10770 M Street. 30s y/o male is very intoxicated, they are not having any luck waking him up.
    OFD: E61, M61 02:58:16
  • Shots Fired: 45th/ Fort Street. 5 shots fired, detected by @shotspotter 03:04:50
  • A very intoxicated driver in a dark blue Trailblazer is driving northbound from 108th / L Street, weaving, no headlights. 03:17:29
  • RT @Breaking911: Situation still not under control…Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Hearing at least 20-25 shot…Maybe 2 gunmen. https://t.c… 03:19:15
  • RT @OrlandoPolice: We can confirm this is a mass casualty situation. Support from local/state/federal agencies. We expect to brief media sh… 03:55:21
  • RT @OrlandoPolice: Pulse Shooting: The shooter inside the club is dead. 03:56:43
  • We have been following the mass shooting in Orlando Florida, sounds like the situation is over and there are many casualties. 04:14:06
  • RT @JonHarrold: @MeanStreetsOMA Limited Time Offer: free beef, 54th and Western. Offer expires when tube explodes. 12:14:20
  • RT @littletalons: A new coworker recently moved to NE and stated "nothing bad really happens here" so I kindly directed his attention to @M12:14:40
  • RT @NEStatePatrol: Escapee Timothy Clausen remains at large. Search continues focused in the #Omaha area. Considered dangerous-Call 911 htt… 12:53:42
  • RT @Maya_Reports: Officials confirm a woman was arrested in Omaha last night for helping inmates escape Lincoln Corrections Center on Frida… 13:03:41
  • Nice afternoon to be smoking marijuana, making meth, and breaking things in the home. 13:29:03
  • RT @GovRicketts: (1/2) My office announced that all U.S. and Nebraska flags are to be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims of the ac… 13:42:55
  • RT @GovRicketts: (2/2) Orlando, Florida. Flags will be flown at half-staff until sunset on June 16, 2016. Please RT to spread the word. 13:42:59
  • RT @erin_wiebe: @MeanStreetsOMA theres a candlelight vigil for the Orlando victims TONIGHT in Memorial Park https:… 13:45:50
  • Heat Exposure Count: 1
    #HeatWaveOMA 14:45:46
  • Possible Drowning: 4747 M 113 St. Roanoke Pool
    7 yo male was under water. Is up now breathing OK. Just want him checked out
    OFD: E43, M42 14:57:39
  • Heat Exposure Count: 2
    #HeatWaveOMA 16:03:55
  • RT @RustyLord: Appears models are trending warmer & warmer for CWS opening weekend. Rain chances the next few days may not be enough to pu… 16:06:43
  • Heat Exposure Count: 3
    #HeatWaveOMA 17:11:27
  • RT @MarkRollag: @MeanStreetsOMA 2 hurt 96th and L 18:35:09
  • Hope everyone is having pleasant child custody exchange disturbance Sunday! 19:33:46
  • Injury Accident: 72nd and Western Ave.
    2 vehicle accident.
    OFD: E53, M34 21:16:30
  • Free Prostitute: 24th and I St.
    *Rates subject to change
    #OmahaAfterDark 21:24:09
  • RT @ASVPWhiteMike: Car accident 72nd and western @MeanStreetsOMA 21:24:52
  • There is a very large police presence in the area of 24th & Patrick Ave. Unable to confirm if related to the escaped prisoner from Lincoln. 21:57:11
  • Injury Accident: 34th and Lincoln Blvd.
    Party pinned in the vehicle.
    OFD: B2, T34, E24, M24, S1, R33 22:11:47
  • Caller says her husband sprayed her with mace and then she sprayed him with mace. #RelationshipGoals 22:56:29
  • Midnight! 23:00:09
  • Trailer Park Fire: 5702 N 16th Street. Neighbor says an abandoned trailer is on fire.
    B1 B2, E22 E21 E5, T21, M21, R33 23:08:23
  • Burglary in Progress: Papa Johns, 2662 N 90th Street 23:11:50
  • Police setting up a perimeter in the area of 19th and Grace St. We are able to confirm that this is for the escaped prisoner from Lincoln. 23:29:41
  • RT @joelschafer: Pretty much the entire NE precinct + many more officers are on this call. 23:34:32
  • RT @bobbyemt: East side perimeter 16&Grace 23:47:11
  • RT @joelschafer: Either they got him or it was the wrong guy. Now we wait. 23:55:40


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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