Morning MeanStreetsOMA Summary for 07-30-2016

  • A semi truck jackknifed, large fuel spill. It is being cleaned up now.
    I-80 westbound at 72nd Street 00:04:10
  • Mailboxes in West Omaha continue to fall victim to the #OmahaMailboxBomber… Police and Feds continue their search. 00:07:33
  • Loud Awesome Party: 1127 S 37th Street. Loud party, smell of marijuana, drinking, people fighting outside. 00:15:32
  • Who steals a turquoise '99 Chevy Astro Van? #deepthoughts 00:22:38
  • Crowd Disturbance: 24th & Laird Street. 50+ people in the area. 00:28:08
  • Fight Disturbance: 13th & Howard Street. White male and black male fighting. 00:30:26
  • Assault in Progress: 25th & Leavenworth Street. Male being assaulted by 4-5 people who tried to run him over. 00:31:08
  • RT @SPOTNEWSonIG: Obama gave out too many phones. 00:32:27
  • RT @XanderMan131519: "Why are you so afraid boats?"
    Me:"well for one thing Nebraska is land locked and we still have boats sinking…" https:… 00:35:49
  • Foot Pursuit: 13th & Howard Street. White male, white shirt running from the cops. 00:37:21
  • Disturbance: QT, 715 S Saddle Creek Road. Security says a white male is yelling at the clerk and refusing to leave. 00:39:56
  • When it is almost bar close time in #Omaha: 00:41:46
  • RT @jepenny: @MeanStreetsOMA @anon_callerOMA "I really wish that the anonymous caller would talk to us, so we could see what's going on." #… 00:49:42
  • 10 minutes until bar close time in #Omaha. Everyone be sure to safely drunk drive home. 00:50:21
  • Caller says her ex BF's new GF drove into her car and she has a protection order agains the ex BF. #RelationshipGoals 01:15:38
  • Nice morning to be sleeping in a baby blue Taurus near Mega Saver. 01:18:18
  • RT @capettit72: @MeanStreetsOMA 01:22:22
  • Assault: American Dream Showgirls, 7402 F Street. Female is trying to run over her boss and the bouncer with a car. 01:28:27
  • Unconscious: Dundee Cork & Bottle, 614 N 50th St. Male, 70s, suffered a ground-level fall, struck his face, is unconscious.
    OFD: E34, M34 01:39:13
  • Caller to 911 is concerned about 30 intoxicated people on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, 705 Riverfront Drive, making a lot of noise. 01:41:41
  • Nice night to injure your hand while breaking windows. 01:47:47
  • Disturbance: Chuck E. Cheese's, 225 N 76th Street. Caller says several intoxicated males are fighting and others standing around a dark SUV. 01:49:55
  • Nice morning to catch a free ride down to detox with some cops 01:54:16
  • Caller to 911 says the occupants of the apartment are constantly running the fan in their bathroom. 01:59:56
  • Jolene!!! 02:11:29
  • A 22 y/o female from Minnesota is not from around here, she fell out of taxi cab and is suffering from alcohol intoxication.
    OFD E3, M3 02:13:24
  • Awesome photos by @DomBrockhaus from the earlier fire on Benson Gardens Blvd: 02:31:06
  • Child caller to 911 on a cell phone says mom and dad are arguing… 02:34:54
  • It's the 3:45 AM battle between Loud Music and Anonymous Caller to 911… 02:47:26
  • Injured Person: 3021 Harney Street. Inured male with a bleeding foot yelling at OFD Medics, Police requested expedited.
    OFD: E1, M1 02:55:26
  • Cutting: 6952 Florence Blvd. Male stabbed in the upper left arm by a female. he is down on the ground, blood is pouring out.
    OFD: E22, M5 03:02:26
  • Who steals a blue with orange highlights 1998 Dodge Stratus with rims? #DeepThoughts 03:18:03
  • RT @DispatcherDame: @MeanStreetsOMA who *has* a blue with orange highlights 1998 Dodge Stratus with rims? Honestly? 03:25:26
  • Injury Accident: 4721 S 19th Street. A tan pickup truck drove into a house, two people are in the vehicle.
    OFD: E31, M31 03:29:31
  • Bad automated social media marketing —> 03:42:57
  • Has been a very busy week with lots of major emergencies. We would like to thank all fire & police in the Metro area for their great work! 07:36:41
  • RT @Jim_Phillips1: @MeanStreetsOMA Good call on alert level 5. That basically means pack the life preservers in the car as you head out thi… 07:38:00
  • Saturday morning Zoo traffic being Saturday morning Zoo traffic. ???? ???? 09:40:56
  • Nice morning to be chasing after your ex BF with a knife and slashing his car tires. 09:52:28
  • Caller is having a disturbance with her father's ex wife, who is on meth, wearing a green shirt and Spongebob pajama pants. 09:55:44
  • RT @Jaycee_Novotny: @MeanStreetsOMA why doesn't she just leave people alone and hang out at Walmart with the rest of the meth heads in spon… 10:01:23
  • RT @townley_katie: @MeanStreetsOMA wanna watch a great display of road rage incidents and near misses? Come to Benson neighborhoods during… 10:02:38
  • Gridlock continues around the Zoo, lots are full, people going in and out. I-80 exits and 13th Street in the area are at a standstill. ???? 10:24:17
  • Shots Fired: 84th & Boyd Street. Caller heard 30 gunshots coming from a wooded area to the west. 10:44:21
  • Zoo update: All parking lots are completely full and closed, there are still a couple hundred cars on 13th Street trying to get in. ???? 10:50:34
  • RT @JoeInBugaha: The zoo is open 364 days a year. Pick another day. 10:56:50
  • RT @SeanRohacik: @MeanStreetsOMA hey people who are going to the zoo 10:58:04
  • RT @NASCARSuperman: @MeanStreetsOMA looks like we will have to go to the nearest Walmart for zoo entertainment. 10:58:10
  • RT @tbellinger: Bigger zoo: Henry Doorly or Weekend Zoo Traffic? 11:02:40
  • RT @dreamsunwind0: @MeanStreetsOMA Free pillow and random items of clothing, all along Pacific St. New outfits for all 11:14:17
  • Update on Shots Fired near 84th & Boyd Street. It is likely just a backfiring tractor that really needs a tune up. #NebraskaProblems 11:17:49
  • RT @ArrestVanOMA: @MeanStreetsOMA
    New business idea: I'll take your whole family to the zoo.
    Use my police authority to get through traf… 11:39:46
  • Jolene is having a bad day… says spirits are coming to slash her throat. 11:44:22
  • Caller to 911 says the mother of his children just showed up, is making threats, and causing a disturbance. 12:01:10
  • RT @reynared: @MeanStreetsOMA – Want to watch adults cry/day drink – go to the Omaha zoo on Saturday morning. 12:15:14
  • Female caller says her husband overdosed but is refusing to give her address to 911. Male is yelling in the background. 12:19:27
  • RT @jmmesserschmidt: Like having to sit by your ugly sister.. 12:20:15
  • RT @theeisforerin: People, seriously, don't you realize 500,000 other Omahans also thought, "it'd be a beautiful day to go to the zoo!" htt… 12:29:55
  • RT @OPDCAIN1: .@MeanStreetsOMA I wish it was Gridlock'd continuing with Tupac coming out of hiding to reprise his role as Spoon. https://t.… 12:40:35
  • Blonde pants and boat shoes 12:55:58
  • .@OPDABLE1 is a big crowd favorite at the Offutt Air Show #THPTHPTHP ???? 13:07:08
  • RT @Carsenrm: There's no place more depressing than a McDonald's off of the interstate in Iowa 13:10:40
  • RT @KhanofNebraska: @MeanStreetsOMA is @OPDABLE1 doing reenactments of the time it landed and an officer jumped out and chased after a susp… 13:18:23
  • Too many anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and pills to treat alcohol withdrawal 13:29:07
  • Caller to 911 says people are running around, pressing buttons, changing his TV station, climbing trees, and telling him they are the police 13:37:33
  • Florentine Apartments on Benson Gardens Blvd being Florentine Apartments on Benson Gardens Blvd 14:00:29
  • Something about gang members hanging out windows exchanging booze bottles with occupants of a white SUV. 14:01:34
  • #Saturday:
    -Keith is a little drunk
    -Guy took a few handfuls of Tylenol for unknown reason
    -Open line call with a lot of yelling in Spanish 14:07:41
  • RT @ModeShiftOmaha: .@StuartN @MeanStreetsOMA Good transit options to the zoo could mean less congestion & better use of space in the area. 14:43:07
  • RT @KariPelkner: @jmmesserschmidt @MeanStreetsOMA my son was pretty excited to see you guys! 14:43:20
  • House Fire: 7404 S 183rd Street. Working fire 15:19:53
  • Something about 4 juveniles hiding then running in front of cars playing chicken…
    SPOILER ALERT: Car always wins… Always… 20:29:36
  • It's a nice night to flee from a traffic stop and be tracked to your home by @OPDABLE1
    #CantHide 20:31:53
  • #BreakingNews 20:52:21
  • RT @dtcoe3151: @MeanStreetsOMA fireworks somewhere near 56th and Western. Not gunshots… also not the 4th of July anymore 21:13:26
  • When you are driving around the #OldMarket in a Mustang being obnoxious with a bullhorn and get dressed down by the OPD Mounted Patrol ???? 22:42:52
  • If you are a MIP at a party right now, head on a swivel… #justsayin ???? 22:47:03
  • Staff at the liquor store says a male didn't have enough money to pay for his booze so he threatened to shoot the place up 22:53:46
  • Midnight! 23:00:05
  • Loud awesome party at the Lake Cunningham campground WOOOOOO! 23:03:28
  • Caller to to 911 says his ex GF pulled a knife on him and slashed his tires. #savage ???? 23:10:10
  • Some little 5 y/o punk pulled the fire alarm on the 5th floor at Homewood Suites downtown, there is no fire. 23:12:10
  • RT @honeypropane: *before he cheats by Carrie underwood plays* 23:18:49
  • #DeepThoughts ???? 23:20:12
  • Disturbance: 11th & Farnam Street. Caller says 11 black males and black females are getting ready to fight. 23:22:20
  • Shots Fired: 6th & Pacific Street. Callers and security in the area are hearing shots coming from the UP railroad tracks/bridge area. 23:23:14
  • Shots Fired: 37th & F Street. Caller is hearing 15-20 shots fired. 23:23:59
  • RT @davereid: @MeanStreetsOMA Let's play fireworks or gunshots?! I'm near 42nd & Grover. 23:24:37
  • Nice night to be sleeping next to the dumpster at No Frills on N 30th Street 23:28:18
  • Noise Complaint: Caller says after police left the last time the neighbors turned the music back up as loud as possible. ???? 23:38:10
  • Caller says a grey Buick Lesabre was driving erratically and they found their way to the Taco Bell drive thru at 108th & Q Street. 23:43:57
  • A two-year study of tire slashing in #Omaha: 23:48:46
  • RT @arielleramos: How about we don't drive on the wrong side of the interstate???? Okay thanks guys. #almostdied #imasurvivor @MeanStreetsO23:52:20
  • Wrong way driver: JFK & L Street, going northbound in the southbound lanes. 23:56:31


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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