Morning MeanStreetsOMA Summary for 11-19-2016

  • Midnight! 00:00:01
  • RT @KReigenborn: I'm just hoping I don't do anything crazy enough to end up on @MeanStreetsOMA this weekend!!??? 00:37:27
  • Caller to 911 is concerned about traffic backing up around a turkey donation site. ? 10:07:17
  • RT @erinsorensen: Maryland's jersey in honor of Sam Foltz. #SF27 10:24:26
  • RT @Chpodany: @MeanStreetsOMA speed trap on 680 between fort and maple southbound 10:37:32
  • "A large amount of candles are being used in the residence for heat." #OmahaScanner 10:39:29
  • Caller says his neighbor threatened to run over his dog. 10:56:13
  • A couple arguing outside Popeyes by a maroon minivan #RelationshipGoals 13:00:01
  • Caller needs to get property from her schizophrenic mom who threatened to shoot her earlier 13:12:20
  • Uncooperative caller to 911 keeps saying come now, was hard to hear over yelling in background. Second time police have been called today. 13:18:58
  • Caller says a male has been living under her trailer, stalking her, and waking her up. She wants police to check underneath with a K9. 13:45:23
  • Injury Accident: 135th & Millard Ave. Accident involving a motorcycle.
    OFD: E65, M56 14:07:52
  • 'Tis the season for carbon monoxide emergencies ? 14:18:31
  • Irate customer assaulted the Auto Zone manager 14:19:51
  • Staff is having a disturbance with a male who tried to take money out of the tip jar at Five Guys, 7345 Dodge Street. 14:29:15
  • Caller is concerned that her chimney sweep might harm her. 14:37:47
  • Caller to 911 sez her BF broke her windows, was extremely rude, has called several times today but is never at the address she says she's at 14:47:40
  • The neighbor who lives below caller is banging on the walls and cursing at her 15:03:04
  • RT @MelindaLBray: The Sam's Club in Papillion is giving away free beer samples. I repeat, FREE beer samples. @MeanStreetsOMA 15:08:27
  • Homeless guy walking around threatening people with a stick, 15th and Farnam 15:11:21
  • When they have to call the cops to get you to leave detox 15:24:00
  • He ingested an unknown number of unknown pills 15:43:47
  • Traffic stop here. Traffic stop there. TRAFFIC STOPS EVERYWHERE!!! 17:21:38
  • Free: 90th/Boyd St., free box spring laying in the road 17:34:17
  • Shots Fired: 38/Maple St. @shotspotter picked up one round shot in the area 17:43:19
  • Robbery: 40th/Ames at Lovely Nails, B/M showed a gun 18:30:16
  • Suspects described as possibly two kids aged 12-14 years old. Requesting @OPDABLE1 in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 18:37:15
  • Party Trapped: 1314 Cuming St., Homewood Suites, 1 party trapped in the elevator 18:39:06
  • HAZMAT: 180th and Military Road.
    Caller reporting a large ammonia tank on the side of the road leaking.
    Bennington Fire Call
    OFD: R33, B7 19:06:21
  • DCSO assisting with closing 180th and Military. Weather is 33 degrees and 61% humidity. R33 recommends a 1000 ft. exclusion zone. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:08:23
  • Bennington is reporting that there is a chemical smell in the area. Also advise that there are some farmers in the area. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:13:30
  • Command requesting an engine company from Omaha to assist.
    OFD: E71 in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:18:29
  • None of the three tanks are leaking, the ammonia is coming up naturally from the ground during fertilization. Bennington will handle. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:34:52
  • RT @CollinWOWT: .@jessicagillwowt @WOWT6News we just arrived on scene. Here's what we're seeing right now. 19:40:53
  • Bennington command terminated. All crews returning to service. in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 19:41:20
  • Isn't it a bit too cold to be running from the cops tonight? #DeepThoughts 22:18:31
  • Brandy states occupants of a "rusty" red sedan broke the window of her husbands pickup 22:22:33
  • "Left out of a bathroom window" #OmahaScanner 22:44:47
  • "Throwing eggs at cars, people and houses!" #OmahaScanner 22:48:05
  • Two separate people have been the victim of alcohol intoxication tonight 22:55:02
  • Nice night to be walking down the street with no shoes or pants 22:55:30
  • Jacob sez a male is banging on his door harassing him and running around his yard 22:55:49
  • Caller to 911 says her neighbor stole her laundry ? 23:19:12
  • 60s y/o male was drinking for the last 2 weeks, GF came home after being away, found him on the couch. Transported to VA Hospital code 2. 23:28:33
  • Someone is throwing water balloons at passing cars from the north side of the street in Benson, 69th & Maple Street. 23:30:48
  • MIP: 58th & Frederick Street. Large awesome party with minors drinking and a large bonfire. 23:37:04
  • Another MIP call at the Viking Ship ? 23:44:36
  • Nice night to be burning a pallet  ? in reply to MeanStreetsOMA 23:52:07
  • RT @samwoodruff21: It's mediocre at best 23:58:11


Death, destruction, and funny stuff from the streets of Omaha. I'm not making this up.

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