Popular cop’s Twitter account abruptly deleted

A popular Omaha cop’s Twitter account was abruptly deleted today.

The Twitter account for Ofc. Ryan Miller (@OPDOfcMiller), who had over 2,800 followers, was no longer active Friday morning. Ofc. Miller frequently tweeted observations from patrolling Omaha’s Southeast precinct. He frequently tweeted at rush hour information about traffic accident locations that many people found helpful.

There was much speculation on social media as to the reason for Ofc. Miller’s abrupt departure from Twitter. Among his last tweets from the night before was an observation about road conditions and City of Omaha plow trucks.

In a tweet Friday evening the Omaha Police Department’s official account stated “Ofc. Ryan Miller’s Twitter acct was deactivated due to a police personnel issue unrelated to the Mayor’s office.”

Some Twitter users speculated that Ofc. Miller’s account was closed due to his comments about street conditions and city plow trucks during a snow/ice storm yesterday evening. The City of Omaha’s response to snow and ice storms has been a hotly debated topic on social media and many citizens have criticized Mayor Jean Stohert on the topic in the past. Most schools in Omaha were closed Friday due to snow and ice conditions.

Numerous Twitter users voiced their support for Ofc. Miller and questioned if the reasoning for the account deletion.

Ofc. Miller declined a request for comments to Mean Streets.


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