Lost, Stolen, or Missing Assistance Page

If you wish to have Mean Streets Omaha post about a missing person, missing pet, stolen vehicle or other important item, or similar type of incident please follow these steps:

  1. Call Police, report what has happened to them, and file a report.
    1. Call 911 if urgent:
      1. When the suspect is still in the area.
      2. You or another person has physical injuries.
      3. When there is evidence to collect. Evidence might include:
        1. Items left behind by the suspect
        2. Obvious fingerprint evidence (oftentimes there is no fingerprint evidence left at these scenes, as suspect will wear gloves or does not have to touch items conducive to fingerprints to steal property.)
        3. Blood or other biological evidence left (oftentimes when a suspect injures themselves on broken glass)
    2. Contact the Non-emergency Minor Property Crime / Telephone Report Squad System by calling (402) 444-4877 or clicking HERE.
      1. Destruction of Property – Motor Vehicle
      2. Destruction of Property – All Other
      3. Theft of property not involving a burglary
      4. Theft from Motor Vehicle
      5. Suspicious Activity
  2. Contact us via Twitter DM and provide us with the following information:
    1. Missing Person
      1. A recent photo
      2. Name
      3. Race
      4. Sex
      5. Age
      6. Height
      7. Weight
      8. Hair color & length/ style
      9. Eye color
      10. Markings (Facial hair, tattoos, piercings)
      11. Clothing they were last wearing
      12. Location last seen
      13. Date when they went missing
      14. Any additional pertinent details
      15. Contact info
      16. RB or Report # given by police
    2. Stolen Vehicle
      1. A recent photo
      2. Make
      3. Model
      4. Year
      5. Color
      6. License Plate
      7. Markings (Scratches, dents, bumper stickers)
      8. Last seen date & time
      9. Last seen location
      10. Any additional pertinent details
      11. Contact info
      12. Report # given by police
    3. Missing Pet
      1. Contact the Nebraska Humane Society – often lost pets are dropped off or picked up.  Be sure to have your pet microchipped for ID, this makes a huge difference.
      2. A recent photo
      3. Name
      4. Type of pet
      5. Sex
      6. Size
      7. Hair color & length/ style
      8. Markings (Collar/ other markings)
      9. Location last seen
      10. Date & time they went missing
      11. Any additional pertinent details
      12. Contact info

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