supportWhy should I support @MeanStreetsOMA?

@MeanStreetsOMA is a small volunteer group of passionate individuals who cover the happenings in Omaha on a daily basis. We follow police/fire scanners, have multiple sources, and hit the streets to take pictures and video of breaking news.

@MeanStreetsOMA is one of the most popular social media groups in Omaha with thousands of followers. Your support gives us the resources and motivation to continue doing what we do.

What expenses does @MeanStreetsOMA have?

There are real, everyday, monetary expenses in running @MeanStreetsOMA.

  • We use professional radio scanners and accessories to do what we do. Each police scanner costs about $500, and there are costs for antennas and other accessories. We monitor at least 8 public safety channels simultaneously and it is ideal to have a dedicated radio scanner for each.
  • We operate a computer server with various software licenses that archive and serve scanner radio traffic and video/pictures to the Internet. This allows us mobile access to the tools we need.
  • We need large hard drives to archive the audio we scan and process and the video/pictures we take. These hard drives need to be protected by paid cloud backup services (we use Mozy) to make sure they are not lost. This is a monthly expense.
  • The computer servers, scanners, hard drives, and other equipment use a significant amount of electricity. Our personal electricity bills are significantly higher every month.
  • We use professional DSLR cameras and lenses to take pictures/video of breaking news.
  • We need computers. At this writing three laptop computers have been physically worn out due to use for @MeanStreetsOMA
  • Time is money. We spend hours nearly every day solely dedicated to providing info and entertainment through @MeanStreetsOMA.

How you can support @MeanStreetsOMA

  • Follow and interact with us on social media.
    Your day-to-day interaction makes it fun and keeps us motivated. A growing audience every day enhances our ability to make a positive difference in our community.
  • Send us your breaking news pictures and video.
    We rely on our large audience to provide on-the-spot media and information. Tell us what you see! Tweet or DM the pics and vids you see to @MeanStreetsOMA.
  • Buy some of our junk.
    Check our our store and pick up a t-shirt or coffee mug. We get a 20% commission of every sale.
  • Contribute to our GoFundMe.
    Consider contributing a few dollars or more to our GoFundMe campaign. This money goes directly to our fixed and recurring expenses and goes a long way to helping us do what we do.
  • Consider a sponsorship.
    Some Omaha companies and individuals have partnered with us to show their support. For instance Flywheel donates WordPress hosting services, and freelance graphic designers offer their services. If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity please contact us via email at


Thank you for supporting @MeanStreetsOMA!

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