The codes man! What are the codes?

OFD Medic 52

OFD Medic 52

Often you will see me post medical transportation codes in reply to a tweet that involved an ambulance. This means the Omaha Fire Department transported a patient to a hospital from the scene of an incident.

One patient transported to CUMC, code 3 TCC, Medic 34

But what does it mean?

  • Code 1: “Fair Condition”
    • Minimal or no apparent disease or injury, patient transported for examination.
  • Code 2: “Serious Condition”
    • Obvious illness or injury, not a serious injury, but needs medical attention.
  • Code 2 TCC:
    • Trauma Center Candidate: Patent with obvious trauma, but doesn’t meet the criteria for Code 3.

Omaha Fire Department ambulances will transport with “lights and sirens” on the following codes:

  • Code 3: “Critical Condition”
    • Apparent serious / life threatening medical illness needing immediate medical attention.
  • Code 3 TCC:
    • Trauma Center Candidate: Trauma patient with an actual or potential life or limb threatening injury.
  • Code 99: “Extremely Critical / Life-Threatening Situation”
    • CPR in progress. CPR is being performed on the patient while being transported to a hospital.
  • Code 4: “Fatal Injury”
    • Patient is dead, deceased.
  • Code 5: “SIDS/Infant”
    • Patient meets the criteria for Code 4.


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